Abellio Greater Anglia completes improvement work at Great Chesterford rail station

Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Rail passengers are benefiting from improvements to Great Chesterford rail station, carried out by Abellio Greater Anglia.

The refurbishment project includes:


  • Refurbishment of platform 1, including realignment of the tactiles (the contoured slabs near the platform edge which warn passengers both visually and by their texture of approach to the edge of the platform), repairs to the platform surface, repairs to the platform boundary wall and extension of the platform drainage;

  • Refurbishment of platform 2, including realignment of the copers (slabs at the platform edge), installation of new tactiles and repairs to the platform surface. The works also include replacement of the wooden fence and platform drainage;

  • Refurbishment of the existing canopy on platform one;

  • Decoration of windows above and below the canopy.


    Abellio Greater Anglia’s Area Customer Service Manager, Lee Smith, said, “Abellio Greater Anglia is committed to upgrading stations across the network to improve the travelling experience. The improvements carried out at Great Chesterford station result in a safer, smarter and more pleasant station environment for our customers.”