Abellio Greater Anglia's New Strategy to Improve Station Retail Facilities for Customers

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Abellio Greater Anglia is introducing a new Retail Strategy to improve facilities for customers offered by retail partners at stations. The company recognises that customers' expectations of what they can purchase at stations are rising (as evidenced by research such as the National Passenger Survey), so the new approach is aimed at further raising standards across its network, providing benefits for rail passengers and retail tenants.

For customers, the aim is to secure enhanced retail facilities through improvements such as better product ranges, longer opening hours and a better environment at retail outlets. For tenants (both existing and potential) the aim is to create better agreements that offer greater security and more incentives for them to invest in their businesses.

The range of outlets varies depending on the size of the station and the local market conditions.  At smaller stations this may include just a retail or catering outlet or a combination of the two.  Whereas at medium size stations, separate retail and catering outlets, plus perhaps a florist and/or a cash machine may be provided.  At larger stations, the retail offer may also include more substantial convenience stores or specialist shops. Future development will depend on the number of people using the station, with some of the smallest stations likely to prove less attractive to prospective tenants.

Nevertheless Abellio Greater Anglia is very keen to work with existing and potential retail partners to encourage improvements to the station environment and the services available to its customers, wherever possible.  It is likely that the vast majority of tenants will be small local businesses, but with the mix of stations across the network there will be opportunities for all types of companies, to the benefit of the economy across East Anglia.

Ruud Haket, Managing Director for Abellio Greater Anglia said:

"We are committed to improving the station retailing facilities for our customers.  Research shows travellers are looking for high quality, convenient services at stations.  Our new strategy is designed both to enhance the range, quality and availability of services at stations, but also to provide better contracts for tenants which give them greater incentives to invest in their business and be more successful as a result.  As well as aiming to increase customer satisfaction with stations and a better framework for tenants, the development of our plans should support the local economy, providing opportunities for local businesses."