Advice of cycle parking relocation for rail passengers at Canbridge

Thursday, 22 January 2015
With the redevelopment of the area around Cambridge station continuing as part of the CB1, One The Square development and station improvement scheme, cyclists using the station are advised that the cycle parking racks are being relocated from 26 January 2015, as new work sites for construction are established.

The cycle racks will be moved to a new location slightly along Station Road and behind the Microsoft building with the relocation managed on a staged basis over a four-week period, commencing from 26 January.

 Detailed arrangements will be advertised by posters in the cycle park and on the station, in advance of the relocation. This is to allow the creation of a major work site for the construction of ‘One The Square’ and the Station Square itself, and will apply until the new CyclePoint is opened adjacent to the station.


On completion of the relocation, an additional 300 cycle parking spaces will be added to the temporary cycle parking area, which will increase parking capacity for cycles at the station to 1,300. When the new CyclePoint opens at the end of 2015 it will hold parking for 3,000 cycles.


Over the coming months, it may also be necessary to redirect cyclists on the various approach routes to the cycle park and the station, in order to provide safe access for all station users around the emerging work sites.


We apologise for any inconvenience arising from these important works towards the significant long term improvements at Cambridge station.