D-Day poppies at Shelford rail station are adopter’s legacy

Friday, 4 July 2014

Colourful poppies commemorating the D-Day landings are the legacy of Shelford rail station’s former adopter, Ron Gooch.

Ron worked hard to keep the station gardens at Shelford in pristine condition and planted the poppy seeds before he sadly passed away in January.

Although he never saw the fruits of his labour, planted to commemorate D-Day, the masses of stunning red, pink and purple poppies have been delighting rail passengers as they pass through the station and are a fitting tribute to his memory.

Abellio Greater Anglia’s Area Customer Service Manager, Alan Neville, said, “I’m sure Ron would have been delighted with how much station users have enjoyed the display of poppies. They really brighten up the station and leave a lasting legacy of the work he carried out. We will always be grateful for the care and attention he bestowed as Shelford’s station adopter.”

Abellio Greater Anglia’s Adopt-a-Station initiative sees volunteers around the network adopting their local stations and reporting to the train operator about the standard of facilities at the station as well as bringing their own schemes to fruition – such as acquiring a new bench for the platform, planting gardens and filling flower tubs, and helping to keep the platforms free from litter.

The Adopt-a-Station initiative is aimed at improving lines of communication between the train operator and railway station users, promoting and encouraging feedback about the station buildings and facilities to help ensure that they meet the high standards expected by those who use them.