Over 1,600 Greater Anglia Employees Issued with Smartphones to Improve Information Provision

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Train operator Greater Anglia’s commitment to improve customer service through the provision of better and more timely information for rail passengers, has taken a further step forward with the start of a comprehensive programme to issue BlackBerry's to all their frontline employees.

The initiative is one of Greater Anglia's key franchise commitments with over 1,600 of its staff being issued with BlackBerry smartphones as part of this programme, which is designed to ensure that all customer service and operational employees are equipped with the most modern technology to be able to provide customers on trains and at stations with up-to-the-minute train service information.

A range of apps will also be provided with the smartphones, giving staff easy access to travel information, not only relating to the Greater Anglia network but also for other train operators and the London Underground.  

A team of dedicated trainers located at key sites on the Greater Anglia network are providing training for staff receiving the BlackBerry's to assist them in making the most of their new smartphones.

Andrew Goodrum Greater Anglia’s Customer Service Director said: “We are determined to improve the method and speed with which we are able to provide information for our customers and equipping all our frontline staff with modern BlackBerry's is an important element of this commitment. Our customers tell us that they want access to immediate information about our services and good, timely information when things go wrong - this comprehensive roll-out of BlackBerry's will greatly assist our efforts in meeting our customers' expectations for improved information.

"Along with our twitter feed, website updates and mobile smartphone app, the issue of BlackBerry's to Greater Anglia staff, represents a further advance in the provision of timely and accurate train service information to our customers.”