Train performance for period 12 (4 weeks ended 28 February) is 91.8%

Friday, 13 March 2015

Train punctuality for Abellio Greater Anglia in the most recent four-week period ended 28 February 2015 is 91.8%, as published by Network Rail in the latest public performance measure (PPM) national train performance figures for the rail industry Period 12 (2014/15). The national performance figure for Period 12 covering all Britain’s railways is 90.7%.

In the route-by-route punctuality figures for Abellio Greater Anglia in Period 12, West Anglia route punctuality is 93.9%; Rural 92.7%; Stansted Express 91.6%; Metro & Southend 91.1% and Mainline 88.9%.

The current moving annual average (MAA) performance figure to the end of Period 12 for Abellio Greater Anglia is 91% (this measures the average punctuality for the past 13 periods of train performance). The national MAA performance covering all Britain’s railways to the end of Period 11 is 89.7% 

The measure of train punctuality known as PPM (public performance measure) means trains arriving at their destinations within five minutes for commuter services and within 10 minutes for long distance (Intercity) services.