Cantley Station Gets a Surprise Visitor

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Abellio Greater Anglia station of Cantley, in Norfolk, had a surprise visit from TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh recently.

Alan and his film crew had been filming near Lowestoft for a new show due to be aired next year. Whilst filming on the train, an Abellio Greater Anglia employee mentioned the wonderful gardens at Cantley. Alan and the film crew were so impressed they got off the train and filmed at the station.

Station adopter Steve Bennett was at the station with Reedham adopters Mike Warner and Mike Stoker when Alan dropped by.

Steve said: “What a surprise, he was a really nice chap and told us the gardens looked wonderful, he was really impressed.”

Alan Boagey, Assistant Area Customer Services Manager said: “The adopters have been working really hard on the gardens and they look fantastic. To have a visit from Alan Titchmarsh and his team was a wonderful surprise, the icing on the cake which has made all of the hard work worthwhile. We were all really pleased that Alan and his team  had the opportunity to spend time in the gardens and enjoy them.”