Intrepid Trio Hurdle Towards Marathon Challenge

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

An Intrepid trio from Abellio Greater Anglia’s Finance Department are preparing to run a Marathon.

Laura Lamelle, Francis Mills and Harry Harkness, who all work for the train operator in their Colchester-based office, have made the commitment to undertake this gruelling challenge.

Laura is taking part in the London Marathon, whilst Francis tackles the Brighton Marathon and Harry is to participate in the Paris race.

Together they are training hard to prepare themselves, so they are on tip-top form when they compete. The plucky trio are following a gruelling training regime and have recently each completed a half-marathon in preparation. Now they have stepped up their training schedule to include 20 miles runs.

Crystal Wright Abellio Greater Anglia’s Financial Controller said: “We really admire Laura, Francis and Harry for the dedication with which they are preparing for this task and we wish them every success in meeting this challenge.”   

Not only, are the trio training hard, but they are also putting their best foot forward for charity – fundraising for causes which are close to their hearts.

Harry is raising funds for children recovering from brain tumours, through Brainbow, a group of charities working with Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. This is a cause which is particularly important to Harry, as he is also receiving treatment for a brain tumour, overseen by the team at Addenbrookes.  To support him please visit:

Laura is raising funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, to support her efforts please visit:

Francis is running on behalf of Debra UK the national charity working on behalf of people with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). To support his fundraising please visit:

The trio are all local Essex residents, with Harry living in Colchester, Francis in Dovercourt and Laura in Holland-on-Sea.