Witham Station is Blooming Marvellous

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Abellio Greater Anglia’s Witham station is a riot of colour, thanks to the floral displays which have been planted by volunteers, Annie Northfield and Mel Foster, at this popular Essex station.

Stylish tiered planters and large pots have been situated along the platforms and filled with bright summer bedding plants to create lasting interest and lots of colour. In addition, eye catching hanging baskets, provided by Ian and Jenny Manger of Elm Bank Produce adorn the entrance to the station, creating a striking gateway to the area. Local station staff also lend a hand with the watering, helping to maintain the displays as long as possible.  

Abellio Greater Anglia Station Adopter, Annie Northfield said: “We plant traditional summer bedding plants such as petunias, geraniums, fushias and begonias that fill out the tubs and give a lengthy floral display. I really enjoy the part I play in making the station look good, I hope other people enjoy it too”

Mel Foster said, “Once we’ve planted, the staff undertake the watering, but frequent visits are made for dead-heading and checking all is well. We are very pleased with the displays this year and it is really great when we receive the praise of the station users.”

Simi Timubu, Abellio Greater Anglia’s Area Customer Services Manager said: “We’re really grateful to Annie and Mel for their time and expertise. The new displays have brought cheer and colour to Witham station and really brighten up the station for the benefit of all who travel through here.”

Annie has been a station adopter for many years and Witham station has been a previous winner at the annual awards ceremony which recognises the work of the adopters across the network. Currently nursing a fractured leg from a heavy fall on her knee, Annie will be taking a temporary break from her duties as station adopter over the winter but already has plans for next year.