I haven’t got my refund from Greater Anglia yet….why not?

Published on: Wednesday, 8 July 2020
Last updated: Thursday, 3 November 2022

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As you can expect, we received a huge quantity of refund requests once lockdown started – over 43,000 so far. The majority of these have been processed and customers’ money is back in their accounts. But we know that some of you are wondering what’s happened to your refund, which is why we’ve come up with this checklist, so you can see if there’s anything you still need to do to get your money back. We’re very sorry if you’re still waiting for your refund. We’ve added extra people to the refunds team to help them with the large number of requests.

Things people can do if they're waiting for a refund.

Have you sent in your Smartcard?

Our refunds team have been contacting some customers, asking them to send in their Smartcard, even if an online application form was submitted, so that we can finalise payment of the refund. Check your emails or answerphone messages to see if you’ve been asked to send in yours.


Did you pay for your season ticket by company cheque?

If you paid for your ticket by company cheque, we require a letter on company headed paper with either the company BACS details or written authority for you to receive the refund. You can email a copy to [email protected] or post it to Refunds Department, Greater Anglia, The Hub, Colchester North Station, North Station Road, Colchester, Essex CO1 1JS. Until we receive this letter, we cannot pay the refund. We have some refunds outstanding because we haven’t received this letter yet.

Have you checked all your email accounts including spam filters or junk inboxes?

Hands up if you have a number of different email addresses? It can get confusing remembering which one you’ve used. Please check all of your email addresses, as you may find an email from our refunds team with a request for information so we can process your refund application. And check the spam and junk inboxes too.

Have you listened to your answerphone messages?

Our refund team have left messages on customers’ answerphones and they’re still waiting for people to get back to them. Have you got a message that you haven’t picked up yet? Perhaps it came through when you were out doing your daily exercise or at the supermarket when you were too busy to deal with it.

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Have you changed your bank account or had a new credit card since you bought your ticket?

Please tell us if you banking/credit card details have changed, so that we make sure we can refund your ticket into the right account. And please understand that when giving out these details we have to ensure that your data is secure and follows our financial security protocols such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Do you have a query about your refund?

Please contact our customer relations team at [email protected] or telephone 0345 6007245, option 8, rather than tweeting our social media team. We can get back in touch with you a lot easier that way. Our social media team are brilliant and will always do their best to help you, but they may be tied up helping other customers with enquiries about the train service, which is their first focus.

When chasing up your refund, the more details you can give us the better and faster we’ll be able to help you. Please tell us everything about your ticket – where was it purchased, how was it paid for, photocard number, expiry date, full number of your Smartcard and if it was a replacement or changeover ticket. Using your unique refund reference number when contacting us will also help.

Why do we ask for the same details each time you contact us about your refund?

Sorry, we know it can be annoying to have to give the same info over and over again. But the more information you can give us about your ticket, the quicker and easier it is for us to help you. Throughout lockdown we’ve been constantly tweaking and improving our refunds processes, so at the beginning you may not have been asked for some information which makes it easier for us to process your refund.