I’m back on the train – should I wear a face covering?

Published on: Friday, 10 September 2021
Last updated: Monday, 12 December 2022

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I’m back on the train – should I wear a face covering?

Our trains are getting busier as more people are returning to the office. The Government expects and recommends people to wear face coverings on busy trains and stations, unless you’re exempt. We’re asking you to follow this advice so we can all keep each other safe. A large number of our customers are continuing to wear face coverings – and thank you to everyone who does.

Pack your travel essentials

Keep a face covering and a bottle of hand sanitiser with you – along with your ticket. We’re all used to washing and sanitising our hands regularly now and it’s a great habit to keep. We’re continuing to provide hand sanitiser at our staffed stations as well.

Am I safe on the train?

Yes you are safe. We’re continuing to clean and sanitise our trains and stations – with a special focus on high touch areas. Thank you to all customers clearing away their own litter, as it means we can spend more time on cleaning and sanitising rather than litter-picking.

We’ve got more new trains in passenger service now, and they all have air conditioning which sucks in fresh air every six to nine minutes. Trains without air conditioning have windows that can be opened to let in fresh air. Doors opening at stations also add to good ventilation.

Our train cleaning managers are carrying out tests and checks to make sure our cleaning and sanitising regime is working. An independent company is carrying out regular random tests for Covid on our trains – and they’ve all come back negative.

Look at what Greater Anglia is doing to keep trains clean and sanitised.

We’re putting on more trains from Monday 13 September, so there’s more choice if you want to use our less busy train tool to pick a quieter train.

We can all help each other keep safe

Let’s keep wearing face coverings when it’s busy and using the whole length of trains and platforms. Please stand back to allow people off the train before you board and stay in your seat until the train stops rather than queuing up at the front of the train to get off.
If you think you’ve got Covid, follow Government advice - stay at home and take a test.