Changes to cycle parking at Chelmsford

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

More cyclists are set to benefit from secure cycle parking at Chelmsford railway station.

Train operator Greater Anglia is trialling a new system after reviewing the way secure cycle parking at the station is working.

At the moment there is a long waiting list for the compound and many entry fobs are no longer being used but have not been returned for re-issue.

From Wednesday 1 August, cyclists will need a new fob to gain entry to the compound, which will cost £25 per year.

Existing users are being asked to return their current fob in exchange for a new fob. Existing users will be free for the first year and next year on renewal date will pay the £25 subscription fee.

New users will be able to purchase an annual fob for £25. This will be valid for a year. The new system will go live on Wednesday 1 August.

At the moment, cyclists can access the compound with the new fob and the old fob, but the old fobs will be switched off on Tuesday 31 July.

Out of 960 cycle spaces there are 450 secure spaces at Chelmsford in an external compound and in the railway viaduct arches. These are accessible only through a locked gate and are monitored by CCTV.

Simi Tinubu, Greater Anglia’s Area Customer Service Manager, said: “Many of our customers cycle to Chelmsford railway station and there is high demand for our secure cycling compound.

“After reviewing the way we manage the compound, we realised we could make improvements so that we can respond to current customer demand for secure compounds.

“There is a waiting list of people who would like to use the compound, and we are looking to free up as much space as possible, so people can make the most of it.”

Greater Anglia will look to invest some of the income in improving and maintaining cycle facilities at Chelmsford.

During the current franchise, Greater Anglia will create an additional 4,000 cycle parking spaces across its network.