Dullingham station is anything but dull following installation of bright murals

Published on: Wednesday, 28 April 2021
Last updated: Wednesday, 28 April 2021

A quiet rail station in the Cambridgeshire countryside now boasts a riot of colour thanks to a community project.

Local volunteer, Sue Park, who has ‘adopted’ Dullingham station, worked with the community to install four bright murals along a bare brick wall alongside the platform.

Each of the four murals is painted onto a recycled door and together they depict the seasons and changes in nature that take place throughout the year, and will complement the wildlife friendly planting schemes and projects that are happening at the station.

The work has been supported by train operator, Greater Anglia, and received a grant from Educationservices2010 as well as local donations.

As a station adopter, Sue is taking the village – and its rail station - on a ‘green journey’, undertaking wildlife friendly schemes and even creating a small pond there.

She has encouraged local people to donate their compostable waste to her so that she can use it to help improve the soil and some have even donated materials and flowers to help with the project.

Greater Anglia’s Customer and Community Engagement Manager, Alan Neville, said: "We are very grateful to Sue and the community at Dullingham for the amazing work they are doing and as people return to the station for work and leisure they will notice the difference."

"Wildlife friendly projects at stations are helping the railway in East Anglia to lead the green recovery from Covid by being a much greener way to travel - and our new fleet of trains will contribute even more thanks to their more environmentally friendly features which reduce CO2 and particulate emissions in the region further still."

Greater Anglia’s Station Adoption scheme enables individuals or groups to adopt their local railway station and contribute to its use and welfare for the benefit of their community.

Greater Anglia provides funding to help station adopters cover the costs of small projects, such as the creation of station gardens and or to purchase materials to help improve the station environment.

Over the years, station adopters have played an active role in keeping stations looking good through inventive gardening projects, wildlife-friendly initiatives, creative community art projects, taking part in station ‘health checks’, being the eyes and ears of their station and encouraging links between the station and local communities.