Greater Anglia employs Land Sheriffs to further improve safety and security for passengers travelling by train

Thursday, 6 September 2018

A video is available here:

Train operator Greater Anglia is bringing in extra Land Sheriffs to further improve safety and security for passengers whilst travelling by train.

Land Sheriffs patrol trains and stations across the network, helping to keep customers safe and helping out where they can.

They aim to provide a reassuring presence and additional support to railway staff and the British Transport Police in keeping rail travellers safe and secure.

The Land Sheriffs will deal with anti-social behaviour, fare evaders and enforce the railway bylaws.

But they also provide a friendly face and often help passengers during their journey, by carrying luggage and assisting those boarding with pushchairs. They have also helped prevent seven potential suicides this year.

Greater Anglia’s Head of Customer Service, Neil Grabham, said, “Rail travel is generally a very safe and secure mode of transport, but we want passengers to feel safe when they travel with us and the Land Sheriffs do a great job of deterring crime, dealing with anti-social behaviour and providing a reassuring presence to passengers on trains and at stations.”

In total, the company has invested in 30 dedicated Land Sheriffs who patrol trains and stations in East Anglia.

Greater Anglia also works closely with the British Transport Police, Samaritans and rail pastors to protect the travelling public and railway staff, deter crime and anti-social behaviour and prevent suicides.