Greater Anglia issues travel advice for Dunwich Dynamo cyclists

Monday, 19 July 2021

Train operator Greater Anglia is advising cyclists taking part in Dunwich Dynamo to find an alternative way to transport their bicycles back to London after the event.

There are six cycle spaces on each of Greater Anglia’s new intercity trains – but this is not enough for the large number of cyclists who take part in the event, which takes place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July.

Cycles will not be permitted on Intercity or local services to/from Ipswich over the weekend.

Kim Bucknell, Head of Customer Service East, Greater Anglia, said: "Unfortunately we are unable to support the Dunwich Dynamo this year and we are unable to offer mass transit for the large number of cyclists involved

"Our new intercity trains have six cycle spaces each and there is no limit on the number of folding bikes we can carry, but this is not sufficient for the number of event participants.

"We are advising cyclists to find an alternative way to transport their bikes back to London.

"We’re sorry not to be able to help participants, but these restrictions are in place for the safety of our passengers and these rules will also help to maintain a reliable and punctual service. We would like to thank the cyclists and organisers in advance for their cooperation and understanding."

The train operator was previously able to support the event using its 40-year-old trains, which had an old-fashioned guard’s vans able to accommodate more cycles.

The new intercity trains are longer and have more seats, with a dedicated space for six cycles, where cyclists can also sit close to their bikes. Their lower level floor and sliding step at the door make it easier to get on and off the train with cycles.