Greater Anglia launches anti train surfing campaign

Friday, 31 March 2017

Local train operator Greater Anglia is issuing a stark warning to people following a spate of train surfing incidents.

People have been putting their lives at risk by holding onto the outside of the train and travelling between stations. This is incredibly dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.

And as the school holidays approach, Greater Anglia is reminding people to be vigilant and take care when travelling by train.

Paul Herbert, who has been a train driver for 15 years, said: “I have seen people train surf on the Greater Anglia network. I have seen children climb between two trains that are joined together and travel at 80mph on bumpy track – at any point they could have fallen off and they would have died. All it takes is for them to slip, or one sudden movement, and they would be dead.

“If someone fell on the tracks and managed to avoid the train wheels, they would still be very badly injured or even crushed to death by the underneath of the train.”

Some people train surf while filming themselves, and upload the footage to YouTube.

Jay Thompson, Head of Safety, Security and Sustainability at Greater Anglia, said: “Our aim is to operate a safe and punctual railway. We investigate incidents of train surfing and report these to the British Transport Police and local schools in instances where we are able to identify the children's uniforms. It goes without saying that is very dangerous to climb on the outside of trains and these people are putting their lives at risk. If anyone witnesses any instances of people climbing on trains/train surfing or see any media about this online then please report this to the British Transport Police and Greater Anglia as soon as you can so we can act to prevent a fatal accident.”

Richard Tew, Network Rail’s head of route safety for Anglia, said: “Train surfing or trespassing on the railway is incredibly dangerous and anyone who does this risks serious injury or death. Hanging on to a train or accessing the track really isn’t worth it, whether it’s for thrill seeking, to take a short cut or to avoid paying the fare. The consequences will be devastating for everyone involved, so just don’t take the risk.”