Greater Anglia partners with Mid-Norfolk Railway on new trains introduction

Monday, 2 July 2018

Greater Anglia has partnered with the Mid-Norfolk Railway in a major project to help the smooth introduction of its new train fleet.

The £3 million deal will enable to the train operator to store some of its new trains during the testing and commissioning phase before their launch into public service. The mutually beneficial partnership will also help the Mid-Norfolk Railway to develop and expand.

Greater Anglia needs extra stabling facilities during the periods in 2019/20 when it is both operating its existing fleet and receiving deliveries of its new train fleet for commissioning and training purposes.

The Mid-Norfolk Railway, with its connection to the mainline rail network at Wymondham, is conveniently located only a few miles from Greater Anglia’s Norwich Crown Point Depot, which will be the base for the new Stadler train fleet of intercity, regional bi-mode and Stansted Express trains.

The project will involve the provision of extra track capacity on the Mid-Norfolk Railway (MNR) which will initially be used to store some of the new Stadler trains, but will then leave the MNR with the benefit of the additional infrastructure once the new trains are launched into service.

Mike Kean, Franchising and Programmes Director for Greater Anglia said: “We’re pleased to be able to partner with the Mid-Norfolk Railway on this project as part of the programme to introduce our new train fleet.

“It’s an ideal option. Not only is the location convenient for our Crown Point Depot in Norwich, where the new Stadler trains will be based, but it’s great to be able to work with a local heritage railway in our region and deliver a scheme which will result in a legacy benefit of additional facilities for the MNR and the local community.”

George Saville, General Manager of the Mid Norfolk Railway, said: “We would like to thank Greater Anglia and Abellio for giving us this fantastic opportunity to develop the railway, and help reach its potential both now and in the future.”

Greater Anglia will be bringing 58 Stadler trains into service – 38 regional bi-mode trains, 10 intercity trains and 10 Stansted Express trains – as part of a £1.4 billion investment in replacing its entire fleet of trains during 2019/20.

It’s Norwich Crown Point depot is currently undergoing a major upgrade to prepare it for the arrival of the new trains, as the maintenance facility will be the home for the new Stadler fleet.