Greater Anglia speeds up compensation for rail passengers

Monday, 4 June 2018

Greater Anglia has improved its compensation process after listening to customer feedback – and has included an option to make a donation to charity for each claim

Rail travellers in the region told the train operator that its online ‘Delay Repay’ claim form was too time-consuming. They also asked for an option to give their compensation to charity.

On average about 90 per cent of Greater Anglia trains run on time, but the company’s delay repay scheme compensates customers on the occasions there are delays of 30 minutes or more.

Greater Anglia has now introduced a faster system which remembers the customer’s details, season ticket information and refund preferences.

As a result, around 70,000 season ticket holders are now saving time if they have to make a claim.

There is also an option to donate compensation to the Samaritans.

Greater Anglia’s Director of Customer Service, Andrew Goodrum, said, “We’ve listened to our customers and made changes to ensure that they can get their money back quickly and easily, as well as donate to charity, if they wish.

The online claim form is now easier to use with better design and navigation, and all previous and current claims can be accessed in one place.

Refunds are given via cheque, credit / debit card, Paypal or voucher but in future customers will also be able to choose whether they want their refund paid directly into their bank account (BACS), as an Amazon voucher or donated to Greater Anglia’s chosen charity, Samaritans.

The company is also looking into extending delay repay to delays between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, although it was not part of the Greater Anglia’s franchise agreement to do so.