New help points at rail stations provide advice and additional security

Published on: Thursday, 28 November 2019
Last updated: Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Greater Anglia is installing new help points at every rail station across its network, offering passengers better access to train information and advice, as well as improved security.

The new devices feature the ability to speak to a customer service assistant via an audio link by pressing the ‘help button’ for general travel enquiries, and also an emergency button which will connect straight to 999.

Greater Anglia’s Commercial, Customer Service and Train Presentation Director, Martin Moran, said, “The new help points, which can connect passengers with a real person for information and advice, will offer a much-improved service, particularly at unstaffed stations or during disruption.

“And, although levels of crime on our railway are extremely low, our passengers will now also have the added reassurance of knowing that emergency help is available at the touch of a button should they ever need it, improving their sense of personal security.”

The help point’s video camera will also continually monitor the platform and will be connected to Greater Anglia’s CCTV system.

It will automatically start recording and alert Greater Anglia’s Control Room, as well as the emergency services, in the event of the emergency button being pressed.

For general travel enquiries and advice, customers are connected to the National Rail Enquiries Service where they can find out information about train running, connections or onward transport options, including bus services or taxis, 24 hours a day.

They also feature braille for the people who are visually impaired and induction loops for people who are hard of hearing.

202 new help points are being installed at the train operator’s 133 stations, replacing older models.

The help points are all due to be installed and operational by Autumn 2020.