No drinking alcohol at Norwich Station please

Published on: Thursday, 29 October 2020
Last updated: Thursday, 29 October 2020

Greater Anglia is reminding the public that the concourse, platforms and car park at Norwich station is an alcohol-free zone.

Alcohol free zone sign with a bottle crossed out

The station is part of Norwich Constabulary’s city centre alcohol-free zone, which means that no-one can drink alcohol at the station - other than in the pub.

James Reeve, Greater Anglia area customer service manager with responsibility for Norwich station, said: "We’d like to remind customers that the station, including the car park, is an alcohol-free zone and we are politely asking people not to drink alcohol while at the station.

"New signs have been installed at the station to remind people that the station is part of the city’s no drinking in public zone and we are working with the British Transport Police to make sure people keep to this rule."

It is illegal to drink alcohol in public within the city centre alcohol-free zone.

Anyone who breaks the rule could be convicted and fined up to £500, and faces arrest if they don’t hand over any alcohol when asked to by a police officer.

Greater Anglia is operating a near normal timetable from Norwich station, with the exception of some Norwich-London intercity services.

Anyone at the station should wear a face covering at all times – with a maximum penalty of up to £6,400 for failing to comply.

People should also observe social distancing, which has been made easier by Greater Anglia with signs around the station and a one-way system into and out of the station.

'Alcohol free zone within norwhich city centre' written on a yellow poster