Opportunity for rail enthusiasts to say goodbye to old trains

Published on: Tuesday, 12 July 2022
Last updated: Tuesday, 12 July 2022

A Class 317 train

A Class 317 train. Credit: Greater Anglia

Class 317 interior

Class 317 interior. Credit: Greater Anglia

Fans of Greater Anglia’s old Class 317 electric commuter trains can take a farewell journey on them on Saturday 16 July when they are due to carry out their last scheduled trips on the network.

The Class 317 trains, which have run on the West Anglia route between Cambridge, Hertford East and London Liverpool Street for over 30 years, covering millions of miles, are being replaced with brand new state-of-the-art longer trains.

To give rail enthusiasts the chance to take a final trip on them, a pair of Class 317 trains will be scheduled to run between Hertford East and London Liverpool Street on Saturday 16 July.

They are timetabled to run as follows:

London Liverpool Street to Hertford East : 06.12, 08.12, 10.12, 12.12, 14.12, 16.12, 18.12, 20.12, 22.12

Hertford East to London Liverpool Street : 07.09, 09.09, 11.09, 13.09, 15.09, 17.09, 19.09, 21.09, 23.09

The old Class 317 trains are now primarily used for cover and contingency, rather than on a planned basis, with the last due to be withdrawn from service by the end of July.

They are being replaced by Class 720 electric trains, built by Alstom, which provide more seats, air conditioning, plug and USB points, wifi, better accessibility features, improved passenger information screens and dedicated cycle spaces.

Jonathan Denby, Greater Anglia’s Head of Corporate Affairs said: “We’re close to reaching another milestone in the roll out of our new train fleet, with the upcoming withdrawal from service of the Class 317 trains.

“We’re pleased to provide a chance for those wishing to bid farewell to these trains, which have served West Anglia passengers well for over 30 years, to take a final trip on them this Saturday.”