Punctuality on Norwich – London trains is ‘most improved’ in UK

Monday, 29 January 2018

Rail passengers in East Anglia have seen the punctuality of some train services improve more than anywhere else in the UK, new figures show.

Greater Anglia was named ‘most improved’ operator for the punctuality of its Norwich – London services, after figures were announced by Modern Railways’ Fourth Friday Club and the Institution of Railway Operators at the annual ‘Golden Whistles’ awards.

Greater Anglia’s Norwich – London Intercity services showed a 5.8% improvement on the previous year’s figure, making them most improved of all long distance train operators in the UK.

The award comes after the Norwich – London services were also named, in November, the UK’s most reliable in their class for a second year in a row, going 56,312 miles without developing faults.

Greater Anglia’s Head of Performance and Planning, Keith Palmer, said: “Although there is more to do to continually improve our performance, I’m pleased that the hard work of our engineers, depot and fleet teams is leading to better, more punctual services for rail passengers in the region. We are replacing every single train with brand new trains from 2019, but until then we will continue to focus on performance to provide the consistent and improving levels of service that our customers expect.”

The improvements are due to a successful restructuring and improvements to Greater Anglia’s Engineering Department, and closer working between the engineering, station, train crew teams and Network Rail.



The Institution of Railway Operators measured all UK train services which arrived within 59 seconds of their scheduled time, including, for the first time, at all intermediate stations on the journey, between 9 December 2016 and 9 December 2017 on a moving annual average using industry data.