Rail depot improvements help to boost recycling

Published on: Monday, 7 March 2022
Last updated: Monday, 7 March 2022

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Efforts to segregate more recycling at Greater Anglia’s Crown Point rail depot in Norwich have helped to improve the company’s overall rate of recycling.

A whopping 1,600kg of mixed recycling such as cardboard, plastic bottles and cans, has been collected since January as the train operator works to become even more sustainable.

This is equivalent to the amount of waste produced by an average household in a year.

Overall the company seeks to recycle as much waste as possible. However this can sometimes be challenging due to the nature of waste produced from the railway which is often non-recyclable or considered “contaminated” if mixed with food, liquid or non-recyclable items.

The company has encouraged all depot users to think about changes they could make to improve recycling and has implemented changes that have boosted recycling in just a few weeks.

Stephanie Evans, Greater Anglia’s Environment and Energy Manager, said: “Rail is already the greenest form of transport and we are working hard behind the scenes, together with the rest of the industry, to reduce our impact and move towards net zero.

"More initiatives like this will help us to reach our recycling targets as we strive to become even more sustainable, reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency across our trains, stations and depots.”

Greater Anglia is currently reviewing all waste produced across its network and plans to implement similar initiatives at other key locations and depots.