Schoolchildren find out the benefits of travelling by train in Suffolk

Published on: Wednesday, 31 August 2022
Last updated: Wednesday, 31 August 2022

School children on a trip to find out about rail travel

Suffolk primary school children on rail trip.

Schoolchildren from a Suffolk primary school took a trip by rail to find out the benefits of travelling by train.

Thirty pupils and ten teachers from Rose Hill Primary School boarded a Greater Anglia train from Derby Road, Ipswich, to Felixstowe on 6 July and enjoyed a day out at the coast, sponsored by the East Suffolk Lines Community Rail Partnership.

The journey was a learning experience for the group of 4 and 5 year olds, many of whom had not travelled by train before, and fitted in with their current topic ‘Where will my feet take me today?'.

They were provided with an activity book and goodie bags to help them learn about the environmental benefits of travelling by train, the green garden spaces being developed at stations in Suffolk, recycling, and maths through fun exercises.

Aaron Taffera, Chair of the East Suffolk Lines Community Rail Partnership, said, “We were delighted to facilitate this trip for Rose Hill Primary School to promote the benefits of travelling by train and the easy links to the Suffolk Coast. We hope that the trip will encourage families to get out and about by train more during the summer holidays and beyond.”

Adam Wilson, Vice Principal, said, “The free tickets provided many pupils from Rose Hill Primary School with the opportunity to travel on a train for the first time. This enabled pupils to visit Felixstowe and explore the local area. The special announcement on the tannoy on the train welcoming them on board was a particular highlight for pupils and staff as was having their individual tickets checked. I am grateful to Greater Anglia and the East Suffolk Partnership for providing an educational and enjoyable day out.”