Secure cycle spaces available at Colchester

Published on: Friday, 8 June 2018
Last updated: Friday, 8 June 2018

Cyclists using Colchester railway station are set to benefit from more secure cycle parking.

A total of 150 new fobs have been issues for the two secure cycle compounds – one at either entrance to the station.

There is space for 141 cycles on the London-bound compound and 202 on the Norwich-bound side.

And as Cycle Week UK approaches, Greater Anglia is encouraging people to sign up for a fob, and for those who have one and no longer use it to return it to the ticket office, where they will be able to claim their £25 deposit. Fobs which have not been used since 1 December 2017 will be deactivated.

People who are on the waiting list for a fob will be contacted by the ticket office, however anyone else who would like to use the secure compound should ask at the ticket office.

The train operator is also asking cyclists to remove any bikes which are no longer used. All cycles will be issued with a sticker, which cyclists should remove if they still use their bikes. Any cycles which still have stickers after two weeks will be removed from the compound. If they are not claimed for a further four weeks, we will assume they have been abandoned and they will be donated to charity. This will enable us to free up space for people who are currently on a waiting list.

“These have proved very popular with passengers, and offer an increased level of security. We would kindly ask anyone who no longer uses their fobs to return them to the ticket office to free up space for new users.”

Cyclists can also benefit from free cycle marking at Colchester North station on Monday 11 June between 5 and 8pm when two officers from the British Transport Police will be advising on cycle security.