Customer Experience

With our new Greater Anglia franchise, the business is investing in methods of tracking and improving our customer experience. Currently we have two measures:

  1. The National Rail Passenger Survey
  2. The Customer Experience Performance Model

Please see below for our most recent results.

National Rail Passenger Survey

The National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) is a national survey which tracks passenger satisfaction when using rail services in the UK. The NRPS surveys are conducted and published twice a year (spring and autumn) by an independent customer body, Transport Focus. Please see below Greater Anglia’s latest satisfaction levels across various areas of the business.

Greater Anglia satisfaction scores

Wave Autumn 2017

Overall Perceptions %
Overall Satisfaction 81%
Value for Money 44%
Station Facilities %
Overall Satisfaction (Station) 83%
Ticket Buying Facilities 82%
Upkeep/Repair of Station Buildings/Platforms 78%
Station Cleanliness 82%
Toilet Facilities at the Station 57%
Connections with Other Forms of Public Transport 79%
Car Parking Facilities 54%
Overall Environment 77%
Personal Security at the Station 74%
The Provision of Shelter Facilities 69%
The Availability of Station Seating 51%
Availability of Wi Fi at Station 37%
The Choice of Shops/Eating/Drinking Facilities Available 53%

Delay Management %
How Well Train Company Deals with Delays 48%

Train Facilities %
Overall Satisfaction (Train) 76%
The Frequency of the Trains on that Route 78%
Punctuality/Reliability 81%
Speed - Scheduled Journey Time 85%
Connections with Other Train Services 79%
The Cleanliness of the Inside of the Train 75%
The Cleanliness of the Outside of the Train 72%
Upkeep/Repair of the Train 70%
The Space for Luggage 56%
The Toilet Facilities 46%
Levels of Crowding 76%
The Comfort of the Seating Area 61%
Step or Gap Between the Train and the Platform 68%
Personal Security On Board 74%
Reliability of the internet connection 28%
Availability of power sockets 37%

Customer Service %
The Availability of Station Staff 68%
The Availability of Train Staff 39%
The Attitudes and Helpfulness of the Station Staff 80%
The Attitudes and Helpfulness of Train Staff 65%
How Request to Station Staff was Handled 90%

Provision of Information (Train Times/Platforms)

Provision of Information During the Journey 69%

Historical satisfaction scores can be found on the Transport Focus website at the following link:

Customer Experience Performance Model

CEPM KPIs Target P1810 MAA
Customer Experience


57.7 56.8

Presentation of Facilities


91.1 83.6
Staff Performance


97.0 94.2