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Tweet the Manager - Train Presentation (01/06/17)

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Why not point to a webpage with the info on it regarding to how often services are cleaned? #GATTM Hi there - the managers will be looking into having a page created on the Greater Anglia website with facts and figures. #GATTM. JS

Tweet the Manager - Engineering Team (08/05/17)

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#GATTM do you know which peak services to/from Stortford will be lengthened? Hi. Current info about lengthened services can be found here
Is it true that later this month some Stansted Express trains will go back to class 317's and some class 379's will become extended to 12 cars? #GATTM Hi. Yes, there will be 1 diagram with class 317 trains from the end of this month. Later in the year to accommodate an upgrade in class 379 WiFi we will diagram some more 317's on the line in order to be able to do this upgrade.
OK thanks, will some Stansted Express trains become 12 cars long? Can you say which diagrams? Yes, there will be 379 12 car trains running. 07:00, 07:30 Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street and 17:24, 17:54 from Liverpool St towards Airport will be 12 cars long. There will be more running throughout the day.
Will the disappointing like-for-like replacement, the Bombardier Aventra, also only run 4&8 coach services between Liverpool Street and Hertford East? Hi. The Aventra trains are 5 and 10 carriages long and they are longer than current ones. A 10 car is equal to a current 12 car but has more seats.
Why extend platforms at some stations, only to stubbornly still run 8 coach services? #GATTM With our May timetable there will be longer trains running across our Network. More info here
Not equal, we will be more packed in than on current services. Still packing-in rows of 5 seats and tiny aisles too narrow to walk down #GATTM The new vehicles are 23 meters long whilst current are 20. There will be more seats on the new trains.
#GATTM Is it true that after the maintenance the Ipswich-London Liverpool street trains will take 30mins? And when will this happen? Hi. It will be Norwich in 90 and Ipswich in 60 with the new trains and timetable. More info here
#GATTM Why is the renatus programme delayed, I've lost count of the revisions to the timeline. Why don't eversholt and agree it's best dropped, new stock imminent and return the units to as was for capacity/resilience. 8 vice 12 is tiresome Hi. We continue to work hard with Eversholt and their supplier on this extremely challenging programme.
#GATTM I understand that some new rolling stock is being tested? When will it be put into service? Hi. The train you might be referring to is class 345 that Bombardier are testing on the network. We will start introducing these trains in 2019.
#GATTM Why is the 17:38 short formed at least once a week. Surely a 20% failure rate is unacceptable. How do you deal with repeat problems? If possible I would like to hear from engineering how they approach these repeated errors and what process they follow. Hi. Thank you for the question. Our 360 units are one of the most reliable trains in our fleet. However during peak hours we use 20 out of 21 trains and if any issues occur it results in a short form. We will pass this on to our maintenance providers for this train and get back to you with more info once we receive feedback from them.
When are you going to Finish? (train refurbishment) #GATTM Hi. 26 units that run on the Southend line have been completed and the remaining are planned to be done by May 2018.

Tweet the Manager - Asset Management (05/05/17)

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#GATTM Rochford - no toilets for 2 months. Platform floods when it rains. Only 1 tkt machine. Waiting room shut more than open. Hi, next year there will be significant works to the footbridge and also upgrades the platform to stop flooding. We will look into the toilets for you. #GATTM
Disgraceful treatment to espresso vapore at Diss station #greed #GATTM We apologise for this Mark, can you elaborate on this a little? #GATTM
Hi, great idea. What's happening at Saxmundham station? Any redevelopment plans? Thank you. Good morning Jo, unfortunately we have no plans at this current time for Saxmundham redevelopment. #GATTM
#GATTM surely sort bums on seats before the stations, 4 stops and 40 mins to go standing. Hi Graham, we will be introducing new rolling stock in the next couple years that we hope will tackle this. We are introducing lengthened services on Stansted Express: #GATTM
What is the land alongside the track between Cheshunt(ish) to Stratford being prepared for? Thanks. Hi Colin, this will be works carried out by @networkrail not sure exactly on the details of the works. #GATTM
#GATTM what improvements are planned for station assets on stations between Ely and Norwich @greateranglia? Hi, there will be station deep cleans, painting refresh & further works in development to be announced in due course #GATTM
#GATTM specifically, what will be done to improve the shelters at #brandon @greateranglia? We will be carrying out many shelter works and redevelopments across the network with Brandon on the list, we will update further when the programme for this starts. #GATTM
#GATTM what is your general impression of the station assets you maintain between Ely and Norwich @greateranglia? We are happy and hope the new upgrades and renewals that are coming over the next few years will reflect this. #GATTM
Is it possible to get a schedule of works that can be shared with commuters or is it just "planned"? #GATTM We do hold local council meetings where customers on the panel are invited to have their say and listen in, you can view what was said on our website: #GATTM
#GATTM can I ask your team to visit #Brandon Station and comment on the condition of the assets there please and report back We are currently discussing plans for this station regarding the assets and as soon as we get more info we will get back to you. #GATTM
Any plans for SMN branch line? The Southminster ticket machine never works and trains too busy to buy onboard yet there are now penalty fares #GATTM Hello Dan, the Southminster branch line will have works and upgrades in the next few months. Deep cleans, painting and other upgrades will be taking place. #GATTM
When will you fix the pedestrian bridge at Prittlewell station? Rusting away with no end in sight #GATTM Hello there, we have plans to refurbish or completely replace this next year. #GATTM
Do you have plans to improve Braintree station facilities, e.g. longer hours availability to toilets/dry shelter #GATTM Hello Ian, further works are planned for Braintree yes, we will be carrying out a deep clean and refresh shortly. #GATTM