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Following on from our tweet the manager event at Southend Victoria and Southminster Lines on 12/01/2017.

This is due to a church there that owns the land and prevents us from stopping there on a Sunday. #AGATTM

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#AGATTM When are we getting aircon on trains on the Southend Victoria line?

Hi. The new trains will arrive in 2020. Until then we have refurbished class 321 trains coming into service over the next 18 months that have air con, WiFi etc. and first ones are already in service. #AGATTM
How do you morally justify almost constant weekend works that increase journey by over an hour yet no delay repay #AGATTM

Hi. This is due to Crossrail works taking place in the area. #AGATTM

Why don't Sunday trains stop at Prittlewell? #AGATTM

Hi. This is due to a church there that owns the land and prevents us from stopping there on a Sunday. #AGATTM RS

Why are fares on Southend Victoria line more expensive than on c2c? #AGATTM

There is a price difference as that line had their fares frozen by the government due to the line infrastructure being poor during this time all companies around it had their fares go up which was driven by DFT's pricing policy. Also some of our tickets are cheaper. You can get a super off peak return which will cost less than on c2c.

A church? How come they can affect your business like that? #AGATTM

Please can you explain why the fares on the Southend Victoria line are so much more than C2C? Thanks #AGATTM

Hi. This is due to historical differences in the prices between the two lines. #AGATTM

#AGATTM I assume these are the refurbished trains with less seats rather than the new fleet of trains is that right?

Yes, these are refurbished trains. New ones will start arriving in 2020. #AGATTM

Given we always stand from #Shenfield to London how about a standing fare only say 25% cheaper? #AGATTM

Hi. There will be more capacity on the new trains arriving in 2020. Until then we are getting additional carriages which will help strengthen additional trains to be 12 carriages long. #AGATTM

#AGATTM When will we get our weekend trains back?

Currently announced alterations can be found here #AGATTM

I have never been offered a super off peak ticket? What are the criteria?

You can find more info abour super off peak tickets here #AGATTM
#AGATTM Why don't you run more trains that stop at Romford due to the Shenfield engineering works? I'm sure you can do better than two direct trains a day to Romford? Hi. We can't stop more trains due to line capacity. Extra stops would cause delays to other trains on the line. During peak hours we run 12 car trains which can't stop there due to platform length. We have a 1 train every hour during off peaks. #AGATTM
I travel Hockley to Emerson park meaning going via Shenfield is a nightmare. You have to use a bus to get from Shenfield to Brentwood then have to get another train from Brentwood to Romford. #AGATTM During the works that affect their services your ticket is accepted for travel to Stratford and then change for another train back to Romford. But you can't exit the station at Stratford. #AGATTM

Why don't your drivers have same access to info as you do in this age of technology? Surely should be simple enough? #AGATTM

Hi. Drivers can't access a lot of the information due to their job being safety critical and they are not allowed to use mobile devices while operating a train. #AGATTM

But they can speak to signalmen and passengers so why not someone else who does know latest updates.. creative solutions? #AGATTM

The drivers do speak with signalmen to find the cause of delay however during service disruption there are other drivers who are also contacting him and thus the driver might not have info about the exact cause straight away. We do have projects to improve this and are encouraging drivers to make more announcements. #AGATTM

Do you think it's fair you sold season tickets to whufc fans without clearly disclosing there is no service? #AGATTM

Hi. Refunds are available for the season tickets and if you wish to apply for one you will need to contact our customer relations team. #AGATTM

Why no cover ever at Rochford ticket office when staff are regularly off sick or away? #AGATTM

Apologies for the inconvenience. We aim to cover all stations as much as possible when staff are off due to sickness #AGATTM

What's being done to improve the service on the southminster line? The service is awful and so overpriced #AGATTM

Hi. There are infrastructure improvement works taking place. There will also be improvements for stations such a ticket machines etc. #AGATTM

#AGATTM To create less capacity issues start trains at other stations e.g. Hockley, Rayleigh etc.

Hi. It's a two track railway and it would cause more delays to other services. #AGATTM

#AGATTM We need security on the trains. Seen people begging, fighting and weeing up the walls in the last 12 months

Hi. We have scheduled patrols on our line. If you see something like that please contact BTP by texting them on 61016. #AGATTM

How often are these patrols because I have never seen one. #AGATTM

The patrols are intelligence driven based on reports from the public and staff. If you believe there is a certain train or time that needs more attention then please report it to btp and us by either speaking with a member of staff or emailing it to our customer relations team. #AGATTM

Specifically how many of these patrols were there last month on the Southend line. #AGATTM

The figures for the last period are not available yet. We will get back to you when they are available. #AGATTM

#AGATTM the 1754 Liverpool St - Southend Victoria never ever leaves on time. Why not schedule to allow for other trains & have more accurate timetable?

Hi. We will pass it on to our train planning team to look at what can be done. #AGATTM

#AGATTM when are we getting a reliable service with unbroken trains and not being held for other late trains?

We are getting new trains that will help with train faults and we are refurbishing current stock that will improve their reliability. #AGATTM

#AGATTM will you ever reinstate the steps at Rochford? Also no disabled access from ticket office side to London bound platform?

Hi. The steps won't come back. The old ones were removed due to safety issues. There will be a ticket machine installed on the london bound platform. #AGATTM

#AGATTM who designed the doors at remodelled Southend Vic station?? They are useless and not good for disabled people.

Hi. There is a disabled access at the side near the taxi rank which is dda compliant. #AGATTM

Why is there no toilet at Burnham-on-Crouch? #AGATTM

We will pass it to our projects team to see if they have a toilet planned. #AGATTM

#AGATTM are we getting new rolling stock on the Southend Vic line?

Hi. There will be new trains arriving on all lines. #AGATTM

Why do trains that run on time on SOV line have to always stop for late running mainline trains? Happens a lot. #AGATTM

Hi. Due to the infrastructure layout as the southend trains have to switch tracks a mainline service can be let first to prevent knock on delays to other services. #AGATTM

Can you run later trains on New Years eve? Impossible to get home from the fireworks/events in London. C2C do so why don't you? #AGATTM

Hi. We will look into it for the next one. #AGATTM

Why not reduce the ticket price for Southend Victoria line passengers seeing as we have a 2nd class service? #AGATTM

Hi. We cannot reduce prices that are governed by fares set by DFT. We have introduced new cheaper tickets available and there will be a flexi season ticket available in the future. #AGATTM

Will you be offering part time season tickets at any point? I don't need to travel in every day but do as paid for season ticket #AGATTM

We will have a flexi season ticket available later in the franchise. #AGATTM

Why do freight trains take priority over passenger services and how many times a year do they make your service late? #AGATTM

There is no priority. All trains are timetabled to run during specific times. If one is delayed it will cause a knock on effect to other trains. #AGATTM

Hi, why does the Southminster train always leave wickford on time when the main line connection runs slightly late? #AGATTM

Hi. The connection should be held if your train is not running more than 5 minutes late. #AGATTM