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Tweet the Manager - West (30/08/17)

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#GATTM are there plans to improve the timings of the trains between Ipswich and Cambridge North, particularly at Cambridge and Ely, as there can be long waits at commuting times?

Hi Shaun, at present there are no plans for major changes to the timetable, there will be changes in 2019 but these are not confirmed yet. #GATTM KB

#GATTM Why can't you put decent seats in now? (regarding Hertford East route)

We are refurbishing a lot of 317 units, but not all of them due to also replacing our whole fleet soon. #GATTM KB

#AGATTM When do you plan later running services at weekend to match up with the 24 hour tube between Liverpool Street and Sawbridgeworth?

There are no plans for this, there will be a new timetable when we have the new trains in 2019 but this is still being planned. #GATTM KB

#GATTM Why are there no plans for later services between Liverpool Street and Sawbridgeworth on the weekends?

There are engineering works for maintenance, demand and other things to consider, so at present there are no plans for this. #GATTM KB

When is the ticket machine at Sawbridgeworth being replaced? #GATTM

Hi, are you able to give us further information on why the ticket machine needs replacing please? #GATTM KB

When is the waiting room at Sawbridgeworth being refurbished? #GATTM

This is currently being looked into. #GATTM KB

You are more than aware that the machine at Sawbridgeworth fails constantly. #GATTM

We do monitor all our machines, our local managers gets a report daily. We have recently had problems across our whole network with ticket machines, but we have worked hard with our suppliers to reduce these. If there is a fault please let us know and we will report it. #GATTM KB

#GATTM 1756 from Liverpool Street usually late at Brimsdown due to overcrowding. Any chance of extra pm peak service to alleviate this?

Hi Stephen, unfortunately this is not possible do to line capacity, however with the new trains coming in 2019/2020 there will be more capacity on the trains. #GATTM KB