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When will pedestrian access to #Ely station be improved? The Station Road junction is dangerous due to traffic turning in and the verge on Tesco side is full of trip hazards and is very muddy. Zebra crossing and resurfacing needed! #AGATTM

Hi Emma, we will double check the land ownership on this one and get back to you. #AGATTM

#AGATTM When can we expect to see smart cards replace paper season tickets at Ely?

Technology upgrades are taking place over the next 18 months to ensure smart based products are available across all routes. #AGATTM

#AGATTM Will the opening of Cambridge North result in increased journey times for peak trains from Ely to London?

Hi Neil, a couple of our services in the morning and evening will call there, but throughout the day you will need to ask @GN_Railuk #AGATTM

When will car park, walking and cycling areas be properly levelled (currently uneven in places) at Cambridge station? #AGATTM

Hi, unfortunately this will be an ongoing CB1 project over the next couple years. #AGATTM

What other facilities (apart from cyclepoint) are there/will there be for people to park bikes at Cambridge station? #AGATTM

This is the biggest facility of its kind in the country and there are space for 3000 bikes and there are spaces available everyday. #AGATTM

Thanks, but concern for personal safety at the Cycle point in Cambridge - building not staffed 24/7, so wouldn't use if going to be collecting late on my own.

The cyclepoint is protected by full cctv coverage and full lighting and the station is staffed 24/7. #AGATTM

#AGATTM Can I have a job (being serious I don't have) or are you putting out more for this area?

Hello, all our available jobs are listed on our website here: #AGATTM

#AGATTM Will all 8 car stations need to be extended for longer new trains? When will that happen?

Hi there, not all stations I am afraid due to selective door opening. #AGATTM wjlucas

#AGATTM Okay do you know which stations will be extended? I thought SDO was going out of fashion?

As Network Rail complete infrastructure upgrades these will be announced in due course. #AGATTM

#AGATTM Am I missing the cycling route into Cambridge from Devonshire road as am constantly blocked in evenings through car square?

Hi, there is no cycle route this way, the northern access road is the only way. #AGATTM

How often do they and more senior managers travel in rush hour standard class? #AGATTM

Managers travel on services regularly but staff are required to give up seats if they are needed. #AGATTM

Staff at CBG told me that for a travelcard & BZ6 ticket, my train must call at the boundary station. Day return/travelcard Cambridge to London Zones 1-6, and day return Boundary Zone 6 to Maidstone Stations.

Apologies, the ticket office supervisors have been made aware of this and will pass this on. #AGATTM

Have all station ticket machines now been updated to apply discounts properly (eg gold cards)? #AGATTM

There are software upgrades coming over the next few months so this should tackle that issue. #AGATTM

Why don't we get automatic discounts for delays? #AGATTM

If you sign up for a smart card automatic delay repay is available. #AGATTM

Why aren't carnet-style tickets available for part-time commuters? #AGATTM

These carnet style tickets will be introduced over the course of the franchise. #AGATTM

Why do we get no refunds when there are no weekend train services? #AGATTM

Unfortunately there is no refund due to season ticket holders paying for 40 weeks not 52 as the season ticket is at a discounted rate.

How often do managers travel on weekend rail replacement services to get full 'customer' experience? #AGATTM

A manager is always on hand during the engineering works at stations for customers. #AGATTM

If you refund a gold card, why is it charged per full daily fare and not pro rata for period covered? #AGATTM

The price is worked out the cheapest way of what you would have had to have bought if you did not buy a season ticket, using daily, weekly and monthly prices. #AGATTM

Why are delay repay forms behind the counter so you need to queue (if you don't want to apply online)? #AGATTM

Which station were these behind the counter Gill? They should always be available on the station forecourt. #AGATTM

Anything planned to stop slow trains holding up SE? Timetable doesn't work you even have auto apology recording #AGATTM

Hi Richard, we are aware of this issue and we are working on potential solutions to tackle it. #AGATTM

Any chance you could expand on what 'potential solutions' are please ? #AGATTM

Some services on the route will be strengthened and we are hoping this will reduce the dwell time of the stopping trains. #AGATTM