Autumn Hare Fares Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the £5 fares available?

There are in excess of 50,000 £5 tickets available on all the routes where you would normally have an Advance purchase ticket to and from London. This includes Norwich to London, Cambridge to London, and Southend to London as an example, as well as all the connecting branch lines that feed into those lines. So generally, you will find these on the longer distance routes in and out of London.

How can I find a £5 fare?

You will need to be travelling to or from London on a longer distance route where you would normally have an Advance ticket type as a starting point. Then you will need to look at off peak times any time between the offer dates which are 14th October to 21st November. The further in advance you book, the more likely there are to be £5 tickets left on those off-peak trains. The offer is only available through Greater Anglia online, our app as well as

What are the restrictions of £5 tickets?

They are exactly like the normal Advance fares, apart from the fact that you are not able to get additional discounts like railcards reductions etc. as these are already heavily discounted. Once you book a ticket for a train, you must stick to that train, otherwise you will have to pay an excess fare on train or buy a whole new ticket. Book with confidence policy does also apply to these tickets.

View more information about Advance tickets.

How many £5 tickets are available?

Over the offer period there is an excess of 50,000 £5 tickets placed across various off-peak trains on the usual Advance purchase ticket routes (typically longer distance journeys). So there is lots of opportunity to grab a bargain if you can be flexible with your dates and times.

Are the £5 tickets one way?

Yes all Advance ticket types are one way, so in some cases you may find a cheaper ticket on your outward or return journey, but need to play a slightly higher price for the opposite direction if the times available don’t suit you. However, there are plenty of next level tickets also available, so it’s likely that you can still bag yourself a bargain return. £5 one way represents and extremely good value for money option to help may your return journey a lot more cheaper than normal. But if you’re flexible with your travel options, and book for dates well ahead, you’re likely to bad yourself a bargain at £5 each way.

Are the £5 tickets only available online?

Yes they are available online or through our GA app. Remember if you are booking for more than 1 person on the app, and if you get offered a £5 fare, it will display the total price up front. So don’t be confused and think what is quoted is the price per person or in each direction. For example if 2 of you are travelling, then it may be that you will get a £5 out and a £10 back, and if there is 2 of you, it will automatically display £30 as the fare. Also, there may be instances where there was one left at £5, but the second person has a next level price at £10 or example. But all of this is worked out for you upfront. So it’s worth bearing in mind that the cost you see on your outward is the total price for your party including your return.
On the website the outward and return are broken down, but the outward and returns are the totals price for your party.

Can I use my Railcard to buy a £5 hare fare?

No, there are no further discounts with this offer as it’s heavily discounted already. Up to 4 accompanied children are just £1 one way.

Why are you introducing these fares when there’s engineering works every weekend?

We have allocated the excess of 50,000 £5 tickets across the whole offer period for everyone to have the chance to take advantage of them. Lots of customers do still need or want to travel at weekends even during those times that Network Rail need to undertake maintenance on the tracks.

Why is it only for a set time, why can’t we have these fares all year round?

This is a greatly reduced promotional ticket. We offer great value products all year round from Normal Advance tickets, to Groupsave, Duo and London Evening Out. You can find out more about Greater Value tickets all year round here.