Railcards FAQs


The following types of Railcard are available for travel on Greater Anglia services:

  • 16-25 - if you are aged 16-25 or are 26+ and in full-time education, you can save 34% on Standard Class rail fares.
  • Family & Friends - up to four adults and four children aged 5-15 can travel together on one card. Adults save 34% and children 60%.
  • Senior - if you are 60+ you can save 34% on many Standard and First Class rail fares.
  • Network - available to anybody of any age. You and up to three other adults and four children can save money on off-peak rail fares in the Network Railcard area (on Greater Anglia, this is south of Manningtree and Cambridge inclusive, plus Cambridge to Kings Lynn). Minimum fares apply.

All of the Railcards shown above can be purchased at any staffed railway station, or online at www.railcard.co.uk. If you are purchasing a 16-25 Railcard for the first time you will require a passport-sized photograph.

  • Disabled Persons Railcard - if you are registered disabled you are entitled to a Railcard, which will save you 34% on many Standard and First Class rail fares.

We cannot issue Disabled Persons Railcards at any of our stations but you can apply online - www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk

Alternatively you can pick up an application form from any of our stations or download an application form from the Disabled Persons Railcard website and apply by post to:

Disabled Persons Railcard Office
PO Box 6613
DD11 9AN

For more information contact the Disabled Persons Railcard office:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 0345 605 0525 (07:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday)
  • Textphone and Minicom: 0345 601 0132

If you wish to book online for travel from an unstaffed station where there is no ticket machine you will need to have the tickets posted to you. Remember to leave enough time for the tickets to arrive by post. Select the railcard you wish to use from the Railcards and other discounts section in the booking process.

If you board a train at an unstaffed station, you are allowed to buy the full range of tickets, available for immediate travel, on board with the same railcard discounts as would be offered at a booking office.

Please be aware: If you are starting your journey at an unstaffed station, and it does not have a self service ticket machine, you must not choose to collect tickets at an alternative station and travel there without a valid ticket. You are not permitted to travel to that station using the reference number to collect your booking. You must opt to have your tickets posted to your home address instead.

Refunds and Railcards

If you are travelling with a Railcard-discounted ticket and have forgotten to bring your Railcard with you or you have mislaid it, we will refund any extra fare or Penalty Fare charged. To claim a refund, please contact Customer Relations via [email protected]​ with details of your Railcard and the extra tickets or penalty fares that you have been charged. We will only make such a refund once in any 12-month period.

If you are unable to produce a Railcard for any other reason, for example you do not hold one, then you will need to buy a new ticket as if no ticket were held, as the Railcard-discounted ticket is considered to be invalid and has no value. In Penalty Fare areas, you may be charged a Penalty Fare. This will also apply on any second or subsequent instance that you forget or mislay your Railcard in any 12-month period.