Contingency plans and Crisis management

Existence and short description of contingency plans and crisis management plans:

During service affecting incidents there are several documents that we use which detail how we manage the service. This ranges from dealing with a single train running late to a full-blown event which blocks the line for several hours.

Contingency Plans

For more significant disruption we use the Company Contingency plans. This document is officially called Anglia Route Instruction AICC-05, Route Contingency Plans. The plans are subject to regular review by Network Rail and relevant TOCs for the route.

Safety Manual section 20.10

For low level disruption we use Safety Manual section 20.10 to guide our actions. This appendix document is updated each time the timetable changes to ensure it remains relevant.

Train Service Management Plan

We also have a third document which is called Anglia Route Instruction AICC-06, Train Service Management Plan. This document provides detailed instruction on the tools and techniques used to manage service disruption.

Weather Related Service Management Plans

Greater Anglia have a range of contingency plans and alternative arrangements for adverse weather. These range from snow timetables for reducing speed during falling snow to timetable alterations for overhead line speed restrictions in the summer.