We’re improving the Cambridge Cycle Point

Abandoned and unused bikes will be removed from this facility this autumn to free up space and enable a deep clean.

If you do not use your bike on a regular basis please remove it otherwise it could be removed by our clean up team.

Bikes that appear to be abandoned and unused will be tagged for a 15 day period. After that period the bike will be removed and taken to storage for a 90 day period. If you wish to reclaim your bike please contact [email protected]

We may charge up to £25 for the return of the bike. After the 90 day period the bike will disposed of.

If you regularly use your bike you will not be affected, however our second stage will be to deep clean the cycle point and make security improvements. You may need to park your bike in an alternative location to avoid being sprayed, whilst cleaning takes place.


Why are Greater Anglia doing this?

it is over two years since the Cycle Point opened and presentation of stations and its facilities is important to us. Security of the point needs to be improved Unfortunately, some bikes have been abandoned , some little used and taking up space for regular rail passengers.

When will this happen?

the first stage to remove bikes will take place in October and the cleaning and security measures will take place in November.

How are Greater Anglia doing this?

The train operating companies are allowed to remove abandoned bikes under railway byelaw 14 and are following rail industry guidance on disposal of bikes and associated components. As part of the planning application for the cycle point there is an approved management plan. We will use its cleaning and facilities management contractors to carry out the work.

The contractors will maintain a record of bikes removed for storage.

How can I recover my bike?

If you wish to reclaim a bike please contact [email protected]

You will need to provide description of the bike and personal identification. In line with the return of loss property we may charge a return fee of up to £25. Bikes will be held in storage for 90 days. Arrangements will need to be made with our contractors to return the bike.

Cambridge Cycle Point terms of use

The Cycle Point is for the use of those travelling by train to and from Cambridge station, and employees based at the station. Bikes left here are done at the owners risk.

To ensure that there is space for train customers this facility is not a long term storage area. With a wide variety of bikes used in Cambridge we ask that solo bikes are not parked the areas reserved for cargo bikes and trailers.

We understand that some bikes are parked here to allow the customer to complete their onward journey from the station. To allow for flexible working practices and suchlike bikes should not be stored here for more than 15 days.

Greater Anglia in line with Railway Byelaw, industry guidance and the approved Cycle Point management plan will monitor and review the use of the Cycle Point and arrange for abandoned bikes, components and unused bikes to be removed on an annual basis.

Greater Anglia - supporting Sustainable Travel in Cambridge