Explore Holland's main cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Adventures usually begin in one of the main cities: explore Amsterdam, the capital, and you'll appreciate the range of museums and quirky shops the city has to offer, as well as its status as one of Europe's most cycle-friendly cities.

Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Holland. A former European Capital of Culture, its stunning architecture and vibrant live jazz cafés make it a popular destination with cultural explorers.

Similarly, choose to explore The Hague and you'll find a city with an energetic international atmosphere that is the toast of Holland, with a stunning town centre and some of the country's most famous sculptures. View useful information and ideas on places to visit in The Hague

Attractions in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Delft, the Netherlands' other cities, also offer much to explore: Eindhoven, for instance, is known as one of the centres of fashion, design and technology in the Netherlands, and is also famous for its football team, PSV Eindhoven.

Visit the friendly city of Utrecht, and you'll be rewarded with a unique experience. Explore the 112-metre high Dom Tower and enjoy Dick Bruna Huis, a new museum dedicated to Bruna's 'Miffy' character.

The historic city of Delft is also popular with visitors. Explore Delft's old market square and its traditional Dutch cafes for a taste of authentic Dutch culture.

So, whatever part of the Netherlands you're keen to explore, travel by rail and sail with our Dutchflyer ticket and you're guaranteed to have a great holiday - as well as a great trip there and back!

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