Flexible train ticket options

Here's a guide on flexible ticket options.

Whether you're not sure what days your're travelling to work or want to be flexible on when you can board a train, this guide can help you find the ticket you're looking for.

Travelling every now and then? Get a Flexi-Season

Flexi Season

  • Get 8 day passes for a specific journey to be used in 28 days.
  • Travel at any time of day
  • Refundable on unused days – cancel anytime

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Travelling very little and want to get any train? Use Anytime Tickets

  • If you want complete flexibility of when to travel per day, choose Anytime day tickets for peak and off-peak travel.
  • These fares can be used whenever you like until 4:29 am the next day.
  • If you’re planning additional further travel using the London underground, DLR, London bus network, London Tramlink, etc – we have Anytime Day Travelcards that grant unlimited travel on these networks (subject to restrictions).

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Travelling very little and can choose when to travel? Save with Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares are cheaper than peak time tickets.
  • Super Off-Peak tickets are cheaper than Off-Peak tickets but have more time restrictions.
  • These fares allow plenty of flexibility on when you can board a train as you can travel the single or outward part of the return journey from the date on your ticket to 4:29 the next day.
  • Don't worry our website and app will tell you if these arr available when you're booking
  • If you’re planning to use onward travel in London, Off-peak and Super Off-peak Travelcards are available too.

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