Greater Anglia Gender Pay Report

Equality and diversity are really important to us at Greater Anglia, and with ‘Inclusive’ as one of our company values we pride ourselves on ensuring our female and male colleagues are treated equally across the organisation.

We are proud that 85% of our colleagues who undertake roles such as conductors, drivers, catering team members etc. all have a collectively bargained rate of pay. This means that our pay rates are exactly the same whether a male or female colleague is undertaking the role.

We note that we have a large gender pay gap within our management grades where roles are mostly not comparable. To address this, in 2018 we will be starting a comprehensive job evaluation exercise for our management grades which will help to identify the level of responsibility for each role. This way, we can ensure that the rate of pay is appropriate for the level of responsibility, skill set and experience of the colleague carrying out the role.

We recognise that the rail industry remains to be a male dominated environment, however each year we recruit progressively more females, and since 2013 the percentage of female colleagues at Greater Anglia has increased from 19.14% to 22.27%. We are already actively working on changing this norm by introducing a comprehensive programme of work placements, internships and apprenticeships programmes and commit to continue these programmes for the length of our franchise.

More recently, Greater Anglia has been fully supportive of a group of young Greater Anglia female managers who have created a committee called ‘UP’. Learning from ‘Women in Rail’ - this group aims to assist all females in Greater Anglia feel fully supported in the business and provide them with the confidence to achieve. Still in its early stages, the committee plan to develop over time to include inspirational speakers, workshops and opportunities for females to share experiences and build each other’s confidence.

Finally, we’re proud to report that there is only a small difference between the number of male and female colleagues who were paid a bonus in 2017. Our colleagues at Greater Anglia receive a bonus through our Gain Share scheme which rewards all colleagues for overall company performance, regardless of their gender, if company targets are met. The small difference displayed is simply due to new starters joining after the scheme cut-off date.

Equality and diversity is a real priority for us at Greater Anglia and we commit to ensuring that our gender pay gap reduces over time.

You can read the full 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report here.