Is it safe to use your trains? Can I socially distance on them?

You can travel with confidence on our trains - and increasing numbers of people are doing just that. But please be aware that it may not always be possible to socially distance on some of our services.

As more shops, businesses, attractions and leisure facilities have opened up, so more people are travelling on our trains to get to them. Our passenger numbers are now on average about 45-50 per cent of pre pandemic levels, although some trains are busier than this and some are much quieter. On most services there is still plenty of space, especially if you use the full length of the train. We’re running a slightly reduced timetable – with over 85 per cent of the usual trains now in service. If you haven’t travelled with us since last March, you’ll notice our new longer trains on many of our routes – which means more space for everyone.

There’s a lot we’re doing to keep you safe on busy trains:

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitisation of our trains – with train cleaners wiping down touch points with virucide after every journey. Find out more facts and figures about our cleaning.
  • The vast majority of our customers are wearing face coverings on trains and stations. Remember, some people are exempt from wearing them.
  • Good air flow on our trains – air conditioning on all our new trains and some old trains sucks in fresh air every six to nine minutes. Other trains have opening windows. On all trains, doors opening at stations lets more air in.
  • Random covid tests carried out by an independent company have all come back negative. We’re also carrying out biological residue tests ourselves to make sure our cleaning is as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Check our Safer Travel Pledge for more information about everything we’re doing.

But if you still don’t feel comfortable enough to travel on a busier train you can:

  • Use the less busy trains tool on our website to find a quieter alternative service
  • Try walking down the platform or train, as there are often fewer people further down the train.
  • If you’re at the station, a member of staff will be able to advise you about a quieter alternative. If you’re at an unstaffed station just press the help button on the ticket machine and one of our customer service staff at Norwich will be able to advise you.

Find out more information on our blog

use full length of platform and train

Advice For Businesses

The rail industry is following government guidance and taking steps to ensure the safe and continued running of the railway. We are advising employers to take necessary steps to help people travel safely.

Avoid peak times

Help your employees and customers avoid peak times. We suggest businesses consider changing opening hours and stagger start and finish times, to allow people to travel when the railway is quieter, allowing for further social distancing.

Promote better routes to your business

Consider how people travel to your business. Is there a less busy route they can take, can they avoid changing trains, or can they travel at different times?