Our Carbon Footprint

At Greater Anglia we are working to quantify and reduce our carbon emissions from all of our business activities.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions are classified into 3 different groups called 'scopes'.

Scope 1 & Scope 2

  • Scope 1 emissions include diesel consumption (trains and buildings) and gas usage (buildings).
  • Scope 2 emissions include all electricity consumption (trains and buildings).

Our Carbon Emissions for 2020/21 financial year are shown in the table below:

Activity Total for 2020/21 (tCO2e)
Scope 1* Diesel use (trains) 23,512
Diesel use (depot buildings) 77
Natural gas (buildings) 2,149
Total: 25,738
Scope 2* Electricity use (trains) 61,764
Electricity use (buildings) 4,098
Total: 65,863
Total Scope 1 & Scope 2: 91,601

*This data has been externally verified by WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering consulting firms who provide consultancy services to the built and natural environment.

Overall Scope 1 and 2 emissions between 2019/20 and 20/21 have reduced by 11% or 11,511 tonnes. This reduction is in part thanks to the continued ‘greening’ of the National Grid which now uses more renewable sources to generate electricity, which in turn powers Greater Anglia’s electric trains, depots and stations.

Scope 3

We are working to quantify Scope 3 emissions which include more indirect emissions from the supply chain, emissions from business travel and emissions from leased assets and investments.

Examples include emissions from rail replacement bus services, leased vehicle usage and contractor emissions.

So far we have established:

Scope 3 activity Total for 2020/21 (tCO02e)
Business milleage 12.16
Taxis 0.06
Rail replacement bus services 664
Fuel cards 181.95
Total Scope 3 so far: 858.16