Collecting your Train Ticket

Collect your ticket on your phone or email

When you book with us online, you can save time by skipping queues at ticket machines. Collect your tickets the smart way from home or on your way to the station.

Greater Anglia e-ticket and Smartcard

How to collect your train ticket


Best for day-trippers. Skip queues by carrying e-tickets in our app, email or self-print at home.


Great for regular travellers and commuters. They're quick, secure and free. Season ticket holders will benefit most from our Smartcards.

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Got a question? Find out more about Smartcards and e-tickets.

If you're having problems collecting your tickets online, call 0345 600 7245. If it's about e-tickets, press option 6 and for Smartcards, press option 9. Phone lines may be busy.

Advance tickets are reserved for a particular train. Some tickets like Off-peak and Anytime tickets let you travel at different times of the day. Find the right ticket for you.

Once you buy a ticket, you won't be able to change its collection method. If you want to load a Smartcard using our app, please check if you have a compatible phone.


You can get a free Smartcard at our ticket offices. Or, order one online to get it posted to you with your ticket installed.

Collecting Smartcard tickets with our app is the quickest way as the waiting time after booking online is about 5 minutes. Alternatively, Smartcard tickets can loaded at your chosen station. Choose the station option during checkout and wait 2 hours after booking before attempting to collect. Your ticket will be waiting for you at the station so all you need to do load your Smartcard is tap it against a ticket machine, platform validator or ticket barrier. That's it!

Please note, you'll need a compatible phone to collect with our app. And, you won't be able to change how you collect your ticket after purchase.


E-tickets can be accessed on the Greater Anglia app and emailed as a PDF file.

E-tickets can’t be printed at our stations but the emailed PDF attachment can be printed out at home if you want to travel with a physical ticket.

Ticket machines

You can collect paper train tickets at any of our stations. This option is only available when you book on our website. You'll need the bank card used to buy your ticket and your collection reference.

Please wait around 15 minutes after booking online before attempting to collect.

Paper train tickets can be picked up at any of our station ticket machines.

Smart Cards tickets can only be loaded at your chosen stations by tapping it against a ticket machine, platform validator or ticket barrier. Please wait around 2 hours after booking online before you collect..


You can get e-tickets for someone else when you book on our website or app. These will appear as a collection option for valid tickets. And can be received as a PDF attachment via email which can be forwarded to the other person. This PDF can also be self-printed for them to use when they travel.

Ticket machines

This option is only available when you book on our website. They will need the payment card used to buy the ticket and the collection reference. After you book online, they'll need to wait around 15 minutes for the tickets to be ready.

Smart Card

You can buy a ticket for someone else's Smartcard on our website or app. You'll need to have their Smartcard number which can be added to your account or during checkout. The quickest way to load Smartcard tickets is through our app but you'll need to make sure you have a compatible smartphone. Please wait around 5 minutes after booking.

The longer way is to collect it at the station. Please tell them to wait around 2 hours after you booked the ticket before they try to collect. At your chosen station, they can load the tickets onto their Smartcard by tapping it against any of the smart readers like a ticket machine, platform validator or ticket barrier. That's it!

You can use Smart ticket options to collect your train tickets online:

Yes, staff on board our trains will inspect your tickets so you'll need them with you at all times. Otherwise, you can be fined.

E-tickets can be self-printed if you're worried about your phone running out of charge. Our new trains have lots of USB ports and plug points to charge devices.