Useful Cards And Sunflower Lanyard

Priority Seat Card

Priority seating is available on all our trains and is clearly labelled as such. We also have priority seat cards and badges available for people who don’t feel confident to ask for a seat. These can be obtained from our customer contact centre. Please be mindful that someone sitting in a priority seat may also have accessibility needs. Email [email protected] or telephone 0345 600 7245

Travel Assistance Card

Illustration of Travel Assistance Card

Our Travel Assistance Card is a free card for anyone who may need that extra bit of help and find it difficult to ask. All our staff have been trained to recognise the card and if you show it to any member of our staff, they will help you as best they can. There is space on the card to tell us a little about you and what help you may need. You can write or draw anything that could help our staff to assist you. Simply show the card to a member of our staff at the station or on the train and they will help you as much as they can.

The Travel Assistance Card can be useful for people with learning difficulties, memory loss, limited or no English, hearing impairments, or problems communicating.

You can click the link t download the Travel Assistance Customer Card , request it at any of our stations or contact us, and we will send you one.

Jam card/Jam App

The JAM Card or app allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ - discreetly and easily.

Find out more on the Jamcard Website

Sunflower Lanyard

Sunflower lanyards are intended as a way for people with non-visible impairments to indicate they might need assistance

More information and how to get one, can be found on the Hidden Disabilities Website or you can pick one up from our major staffed stations.

Scooter Card

Whilst we do not require a scooter card to travel on our network, other TOCs may ask for one, as some scooters may be unsuitable for certain types of train. If any part of your journey involves a different operator, please check before you travel to avoid any disappointment. Some cards require an application form and up to 10 days waiting time, so make sure you allow plenty of time.