Train Services between Ipswich and Peterborough via Ely have been revised Sunday 29/12

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Passengers are advised to check our website before they travel and allow extra time for their journey.

A reduced train service will be operating between Ipswich and Peterborough. A rail replacement bus service is in operation where trains have been cancelled. This includes a direct bus service between Bury St Edmunds and Peterborough, in both directions, to speed up the journey and help people meet connections for onward journeys. Other buses will call at intermediate stations. A detailed timetable for the direct services is available on our website.

We are very sorry for the continued service disruption, which is a knock-on effect of signalling problems on our regional routes earlier this month.

We are currently in the process of replacing every train in our fleet with brand new trains. As part of this process, we need to test new trains and train all of our drivers to be able to drive them. This programme was set back due to recent signalling problems on our regional routes. We have now resumed our driver training and new train testing programme and we aim to reinstate the full service as quickly as possible.

A detailed timetable for the direct services is available below:

Peterborough - Ipswich - Colchester replacement bus timetable Sunday 29/12
Peterborough 11:47 11:47 13:50 13:50 15:47 15:47 17:45 17:45 19:47 19:47
Whittlesea 12:12 14:12 16:12 18:12 20:12
March 12:45 14:45 16:45 18:45 20:45
Ely 13:25 15:25 17:25 19:25 21:25
Bury St Edmunds 13:17 14:15 15:17 16:15 17:17 18:15 19:17 20:15 21:17 22:15
Ipswich 23:02
Colchester 23:42
Bury St Edmunds - Peterborough replacement bus timetable Sunday 29/12
Bury St Edmunds 11:05 11:05 13:05 13:05 15:05 15:05 17:05 17:05 19:05 19:05
Ely 11:55 13:55 15:55 17:55 19:55
March 12:35 14:35 16:35 18:35 20:35
Whittlesea 13:05 15:05 17:05 19:05 21:05
Peterborough 12:35 13:30 14:25 15:25 16:25 17:25 18:24 19:25 20:25 21:25

Greater Anglia and Network Rail are sorry if your journey has been affected by this disruption.

Specific train service alterations are available here:

Advance purchase tickets holders will be allowed to travel on earlier or later trains if their booked service is cancelled.

If your journey with us has been delayed by 15 minutes or more, you may be entitled to compensation for a portion of your fare. Please visit for details

An explanation of the common causes of delays - and what we're doing to reduce their frequency and impact can be found here: