Marks Tey

Don’t get stuck on the train

You may find that your train is longer than the platform at some of our stations. This means the doors will not open where there’s no platform edge so you can get on and off the train safely.

If you’re travelling to Marks Tey station, please travel in the front nine coaches of the train. This is for trains with 10 coaches only as the doors on the last coach may not open at Marks Tey. This applies to you if you are travelling from the north of Marks Tey towards London.

If you’re travelling from Marks Tey station, please check if your destination has any door access requirements through its station information.

Don’t worry! We’ve set reminders through our website, station posters and safety announcements so you can travel on the correct part of the train and avoid missing your stop.

Marks Tey (MKT)

Marks Tey station
Station Road
Marks Tey
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