Company Information

About Greater Anglia.

Greater Anglia is part of a wider transport group, Abellio Transport Holdings, who also operate the ScotRail franchise and Merseyrail concession, East Midlands Railway, West Midlands Railway, plus bus services in London and Surrey. We are owned by ‘NS’ in the Netherlands who operate the rail services, stations and facilities on much of the Dutch network so are well placed to bring real improvements to your services. Department for Transport (DfT) awarded a further contract for Greater Anglia to operate services until 2025.

Greater Anglia’s promise to you

We believe that when you travel with us, or think of travelling with us, you should expect high standards of service throughout your journey experience.

As such, Greater Anglia will:

  • As a priority provide you with a safe, clean, punctual and reliable train service
  • Make it easier for you to buy tickets with the introduction of more facilities
  • Treat you well and fairly when things go wrong
  • Keep you informed about services, any planned changes and during disruption
  • Let you know our performance and quality targets in advance, and report each period how we are doing
  • Listen to you and engage with you more

Greater Anglia is the trading name of Abellio East Anglia Limited. Abellio East Anglia Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07861414. Registered Office address, 18-20 St Andrew's Street, London EC4A 3AG.

Our Public and Employee Liability Insurers are:

QBE Insurance Company (UK) Ltd

Accidents Pre 30/6/14 - QBE - Portal Reference: C00119

Gallagher Bassett Insurance Company (UK) Ltd

Accidents Post 30/6/14 - Gallagher Bassett - Portal Reference: D00019

Environmental performance

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance

Download the Greater Anglia Environmental and Energy Policy

Download the Greater Anglia Sustainability Strategy

2019/20 Environmental Performance

The total carbon footprint of Abellio East Anglia’s operations from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 amounted to 103,113 tonnes of CO2e.

This footprint includes the following: Scope 1 emissions – natural gas, traction gas oil, non-traction gas oil and Scope 2 emissions – traction electricity and non-traction electricity.

Also included as part of your Environmental Impact Monitoring Report are water consumption, waste arisings and EMS Metrics. Fugitive emissions (such as emissions that originate from refrigerant losses) and emissions from company cars have been excluded from this analysis.


Compared to the previous assessment for FY19/20, there has been a 11% reduction in the total emissions of Abellio EA. This is mainly as a result of updated emissions factors for the current year which has seen a decrease in the carbon intensity of grid electricity, the primary source of energy consumption within the operations of Abellio EA. In addition, there was an increase in natural gas consumption in the verification period. The washup figures were used for traction electricity.

FY 2018/19 Submission

Activity tCO2e % of total
Natural gas 1,813 2%
Traction gas oil 20,860 18%
Non-traction gas oil 70 0%
Scope 1 subtotal 22,743 19%
Traction electricity 88,646 76%

Non-traction electricity

5,294 5%
Scope 2 subtotal 93,940 81%

Grand Total – scope 1&2

116,683 100%
Water consumption 197,386 m3

Waste Arisings and Disposal

2,565 tonnes
Waste recycled 1,764 tonnes
Waste recovered 727 tonnes
Waste to landfill 72 tonnes
Hazardous Waste 76 tonnes
EMS Incidents 7 incidents

FY 2019/20 Submission

Activity tCO2e % of total
Natural gas 2,439 2%
Traction gas oil


Non-traction gas oil 64 0%
Scope 1 subtotal 24,587 24%
Traction electricity 73,406 71%

Non-traction electricity

5,120 5%
Scope 2 subtotal 78,526 76%

Grand Total – scope 1&2

103,113 100%
Water consumption

241,304 m3

Waste Arisings and Disposal

2,273 tonnes
Waste recycled

1,476 tonnes

Waste recovered 773 tonnes
Waste to landfill 24 tonnes
Hazardous Waste 38 tonnes
EMS Incidents 4 incidents

Quality policy

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our performance.

Download the Greater Anglia Quality Policy

Greater Anglia Gender Pay Report 2020

Equality and diversity are really important to us at Greater Anglia.

Read our 2020 Gender Pay Report here.