Self-Service Ticket Machine

Collect your ticket from the station

Ticket machine

We recommend getting digital tickets as they're free and better for the environment.

Digital E-tickets can be shown on your phone via the PDF emailed to you or from your app ticket wallet. If you're worried about your phone battery, we have free plug points on our trains so you can charge on the go and you can print the PDF too.

How to collect your paper ticket

You can collect your ticket from over 1700 stations.

All you need is your collection reference and any debit/credit card to collect from a self-serve ticket machine. Don't worry, the card won't be charged, it's just required for activating the machine. You'll also need to bring a card with you if you use other payment methods like Paypal.

Some online retailers might ask you to use the same card that was used for buying your ticket rather than any card, they should say this where you select the collect at station option.

Need help?

Press the ticket assistance button on the ticket machine screen to speak to our tech support team. You may also find answers in our FAQs