Annual Train Season Tickets

The Annual Season Ticket is our best value ticket for regular commuters. It not only provides ultimate flexibility, but some great benefits, including the Gold Card, which is only available to Annual Travelcard holders. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations for an entire year.
  • Outstanding value with 12 weeks of free travel.
  • Travel at any time of the day.
  • Jump off at any station on your chosen route.
  • Only pay the difference if you need to travel further.
  • Available on Smart Card – the seamless way to travel.
  • No queuing for a daily or weekly ticket – you’ve got your annual pass!
  • Fully refundable on unused months^ – cancel or amend anytime.
  • Money back if you’re delayed.*

*Once claimed through the Delay Repay scheme

An Annual Season Train Ticket also comes with the Gold Card, which also gives you:

  • ⅓ off Standard and First Class Anytime and Off-Peak tickets across our network and beyond (except between March and Peterborough stations).
  • A further ⅓ off for up to three additional adults travelling with you (aged 16 or over).
  • 60% off child fares for up to four children between 5-15 years old.
  • ⅓ off Oyster Off-Peak Pay-as-you-go Single fares and a daily fare price cap.
  • Discounts across the entire country with a one-year Railcard for you or a partner for just £10.

^Refund dependent on remaining value of unused months. Contact us about any changes to your commuter train ticket.

Annual Train Ticket Prices

The cost of your annual season ticket will change depending on where you will be travelling to and from. You can see a breakdown of costs with our Season Ticket Calculator.

You can find the cost and buy your chosen annual train ticket here. If you are eligible, a Railcard can save you money on your annual rail ticket.

Are you looking for a weekly or daily season ticket instead? See our full range of season ticket options.

Buying a season ticket online couldn’t be easier. You can purchase your season ticket online quickly and easily through the GA app or on our website. Plus, there will never be an administration charge or credit card fees when you book with us.

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Commuter Club (Travelcard)

If you would like to split the cost of your annual season ticket into monthly direct debit payments, apply for our Commuter Club yearly travelcard. You get a full Annual Travelcard but pay for it in 11 instalments at the same price as a Monthly Season Ticket.

This ticket offers access to the Gold Card benefits and one month of totally free travel across the year. The cost of this travelcard is slightly less than the Annual Season Ticket but offers a manageable monthly direct debit payment option. As with the Annual Season Ticket, Commuter Club offers easy, no notice, no penalty cancellations so if you ever change your mind, you can stop payments without worry.

  • Annual Travelcard paid for in 11 monthly payments, no renewals, top-ups, no queues
  • One month of free travel compared to buying Monthly Season Tickets and even more compared to Weekly Season Tickets
  • Lock in fares for a full year with no price rises
  • Gold Card entitling you to additional discounts on off-peak travel
  • No notice, no penalty cancellation
  • Hassle free online purchase, with your new Oyster card sent by post

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