Penalty Fares

Don't pay a Penalty Fare. Buy the correct ticket before you travel.

Please make sure you buy a valid ticket for your entire journey before you travel. Otherwise, it could cost you quite a bit extra.

If you don’t have a valid ticket with you, you may have to pay a Penalty Fare. It will be at least £20 or twice the full single fare applicable to your journey (whichever is greater). That's in addition to the usual single fare to your destination station if you decide to continue your journey.

You might also have to pay a Penalty Fare if you...

  • Can't show an appropriate Railcard for a discounted ticket
  • Travel in a First Class carriage with a Standard Class ticket
  • Are travelling on a child rate ticket, but are 16 or over
  • Travel beyond the destination on your ticket.

You can download our Penalty Fare guide for more information.