Penalty Fares

Don't pay a Penalty Fare. Buy the correct ticket before you travel.

Please make sure you buy a valid ticket for your entire journey before you travel. Otherwise, you could be charged extra.

A Penalty Fare can be charged if you:

  • Travel without a valid ticket
  • Can't show an appropriate Railcard for a discounted ticket
  • Travel in a First Class carriage with a Standard Class ticket
  • Are travelling on a child rate ticket, but are 16 or over
  • Travel beyond the destination on your ticket.

How much is a penalty fare

A Penalty Fare is £100 plus the price of the full single fare for your intended journey. However, if you pay it within 21 days, it's reduced by £50.

How to appeal

If you feel you've been issued a Penalty Fare incorrectly or unfairly, you can appeal within 21 days of it being issued. Appeal online, or download an appeal form.

Buying your ticket

You can buy tickets for your journey before you travel on our website and app.

If you’re using pay-as-you-go or a Smartcard ticket, please ensure you touch in when you start your journey.