Explore Holland's main cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Adventures usually begin in one of the main cities: explore Amsterdam, the capital, and you'll appreciate the range of museums and quirky shops the city has to offer, as well as its status as one of Europe's most cycle-friendly cities.

Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Holland. A former European Capital of Culture, its stunning architecture and vibrant live jazz cafés make it a popular destination with cultural explorers.

Similarly, choose to explore The Hague and you'll find a city with an energetic international atmosphere that is the toast of Holland, with a stunning town centre and some of the country's most famous sculptures.

Take a trip to Utrecht, a city that’s built two stories above its famous canals, visit medieval warehouses that have been transformed into venues like restaurants and hotels as well as landmarks like the Dom tower and cathedral.

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Attractions in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Delft, the Netherlands' other cities, also offer much to explore: Eindhoven, for instance, is known as one of the centres of fashion, design and technology in the Netherlands, and is also famous for its football team, PSV Eindhoven.

One of Amsterdam's famous and most visited museums is the Van Gogh Museum displaying over 200 of his pieces of art which is the worlds largest collections of works by Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh Museum website

Located just a short walk away from Amsterdam's Centraal station, Dam Square is one of the most iconic parts of Amsterdam. Always jam packed full of people, Dam Square is a tourist must see place to go as no matter the day there is always something going on.

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Inside the historic brewery the Heineken Experience offers an interactive journey through it's four floors which include historical brewing artifacts as well as a tasting bar. Don't forget to also do the Brew your ride, which shows you what it is like being a bottle of Heineken beer.

Heineken Experience website

The best way to make sure you fit in all of the sights which can be harder to get to in Amsterdam is by going on one of their famous canal tours. The canal tours in Amsterdam are an easy way of being able to sit back and enjoy all of the different views that Amsterdam has to offer whilst also finding out different historical facts about the city itself.

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Why not visit Vondelpark whilst on your travels in Amsterdam. Vondelpark is Amsterdam's largest and most famous park in the Netherlands. The reason why Vondelpark is a must see is due to how beautiful the area is especially when in contrast from the busy streets of Amsterdam, Vondelpark offers a peaceful and nice break. Whilst you're there hiring bikes from the local bike hiring services is a must to get a chance to see the peaceful landscapes from a different perspective.

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If you want to see Rotterdam's unique architecture and harbour, a guided bike tour may be the best way to view all the City's sites. With different types of tours available there will definitely be a tour for you to be able to see what you want from your visit in Rotterdam.

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Visit Scheveningen beach, a popular seaside resort in Holland, located in The Hague. Why not try surfing? Or eating at their restaurants or watch a beach volleyball game at the Hague Beach Stadium for free.

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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank Museum located in Amsterdam is where Anne Frank lived whilst she was in hiding during WWII. Throughout the museum is an exhibition about the execution of people during the War and the discrimination. It really is a must see and will truly touch you.

Anne Frank House website

One of Amsterdam's grandest and most popular museums. Rijksmuseum has huge showcases of iconic art as well as artifacts which reflect more than 800 years of history.

Rijksmuseum website

One of the oldest and largest museum harbours in the Netherlands. With modern exhibitions the museum offers the experience to understand the effect that shipping has on everyone's daily lives.

Maritime Museum website

Within the Hague houses, the Mauritshuis holds world famous art collections from the Dutch Golden Age. The Mauritshuis is a unique opportunity to see world famous paintings in one of Hollands most picturesque places.

Mauritshuis website

This landmark is the tallest church tower in Holland, go on a guided tour inside the tower and see the city of Utrecht from the viewing platform.

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Restaurants and pubs

When it comes to pubs and bars in Amsterdam it's very hard to not be near one. There are also many terrace bars within Amsterdam which can be nice way of relaxing by the canal and taking everything in that Amsterdam has to offer. As well as this here are also many different restaurants to try whilst in Holland, depending on what your mood is there is a wide range of different types of food suitable for everyone, including the Hard Rock Cafe located within Amsterdam. There are also many Italian restaurants to pick from on your visit in Amsterdam such as Sotto Pizza. And why not try some Dutch food whilst visiting Holland, the Stroopwaffel's are a Dutch sweet snack which are sold often on street markets or from local bakery's.

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