Keep yourself up to date with our trains and their current service status.

Here at Greater Anglia, we know it's vital that you receive reliable and accurate information quickly about anything that might affect your train journey.

Our JourneyCheck service enables you to receive emails or text alerts reporting any information on your chosen Greater Anglia service.

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How do I sign up?

To receive these useful updates, sign up for JourneyCheck Alerts online

Once you've filled in your details, you can log into the JourneyCheck Alerts service and select the train services that will apply to your personal journey.

Customise your alerts

You can customise the alerts at any time by logging into your JourneyCheck Alerts account and entering the details of the train services and times that are specific to your needs. You can choose up to four different journeys, with outward and return counting as two journeys.

Choose your times for train services and alerts

To select specific train times, simply complete the 'For Trains Between' section when logged into your JourneyCheck Alerts account. This will define which specific train services you will receive alerts about.

The 'Alert me at' section is the time that the email alert will be sent to you. You should choose a time that is as close as possible to the departure time of your earliest train, to ensure that you receive the very latest status information.

Choose your departure stations

Enter your departure stations in the 'That go from' section. Your alerts will then be based on the scheduled departure time of the trains from your selected stations.

Change your details

You can edit your registration details or alerts at any time by clicking the 'Log In' tab on the JourneyCheck home page and using the email address (user name) and password that you entered when first registering for JourneyCheck Alerts.

You can also suspend your alerts for a temporary period, for instance whilst you are away on holiday.

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