Virtual Tours

Take a 360-degree tour of our trains and stations

Experience some of the finest trains in the UK, and some of our busiest stations online in 360-degrees! Our virtual tours can help you plan your journey and are a great with reducing anxiety before you travel.

They're also really helpful for checking how accessible your journey is for you.


Around £1.4 billion was invested in upgrading our entire fleet with newer sleeker trains.

Our tours let you go inside, where you can find great features onboard like our plug points in-between seats, information screens which update you along your journey, the café bar on our intercity trains, dedicated wheelchair spaces, accessible toilets and more.

If you want to see more train tours, be sure to check out the virtual tours of our 4-carriage regional (class 755) train , and the Stansted Express Class 745 train.


Take a journey around the station at your leisure or use the autopilot option to automatically take you where you want to go. We’ve highlighted facilities and platforms so you can be ready for your journey.