London Travelcards

Unlimited travel on nearly all of London's public transport

Travelcards are tickets which allow unlimited travel on almost all public transport within the selected zones in Greater London and occasionally just outside Greater London. Validity is based on a zonal system, starting at Zone 1 in central London, extending outwards in a series of rings to Zone 6 in the outskirts of Greater London. A few places outside London are in additional zones up to Zone 9. View Transport for London map.

Travelcards are valid on almost all scheduled public transport in Greater London.

Travelcards are available for one day in peak or off-peak versions or as a season ticket for seven days or one month or more.

They can be issued just to cover travel within London or to include travel from and to any Greater Anglia station outside London. In some circumstances, it may be cheaper to buy a train ticket to London and then use contactless payment for travel within the capital.

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Travelcard Season tickets

Within London

Travelcard Season tickets within Greater London and in certain areas just outside Greater London are issued on Oyster cards, which are widely available from rail and Tube stations and newsagents within Greater London.

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From outside London

Travelcard Season tickets are available from all Greater Anglia stations. They are issued to cover all zones that you travel through on your journey into London, so a Travelcard to include Zone 1 is issued with the destination of Zones 1-6.

Other zonal combinations are available, always including Zone 6, up to Zones 5-6 only. From Ipswich and beyond, normally only Zones 1-6 and 2-6 are available as these are the main commuter zonal combinations.

Travelcard seasons are normally issued on our Smartcards but in rare cases where one is not available they may be issued as a traditional paper ticket.

One Day Travelcards

Within London

Paper One Day Travelcards are still available in both peak and off-peak versions, but we recommend using an Oyster or Contactless Payment card to pay as you go instead.

Daily caps are in force which mean that you pay no more than a certain amount which can be much less than the cost of a paper Travelcard, depending on the zones travelled through.

From outside London

One Day Travelcards are available from all Greater Anglia stations. They are issued to cover Zones 1-6 only. They come in Anytime, Off-peak and, from south of Cambridge and Manningtree/Harwich, Super Off-peak versions. Validity details are shown below.

Where and when Travelcards can be used

Within London

One Day Travelcards and Travelcard Seasons are valid for unlimited travel on the following services within the zones purchased:

  • National Rail services, but not Heathrow Express or High Speed services between London St Pancras International and Stratford International
  • TfL Rail (Elizabeth Line) and London Overground
  • London Underground and DLR (Docklands Light Railway)
  • Any scheduled London bus service in any zone, irrespective of the zones purchased
  • On London Tramlink as long as any zone between 3 and 6 is included on your Travelcard
  • Scheduled Riverboat services (1/3 discount)

Within the zones paid for, Anytime Day Travelcards and Travelcard Seasons are valid on the day(s) for which the ticket is dated and until 04:29 the following morning. Off-peak Day Travelcards are valid from 09:30 on weekdays and public holidays and any time at weekends, until 04:29 the following morning.

From outside London

Travelcard Seasons

These are valid for unlimited rail travel between the station of origin and the London fare zones as well as on almost all public transport in London as set out above. Break of journey is permitted at any station on a valid route to London Liverpool Street.

One Day Travelcards

One Day Travelcards are valid for one return journey from the station of origin to London fare zones 1-6, and for unlimited travel within the zones.

Anytime Day Travelcards

The Anytime Day Travelcard can be used at any time for one return journey from the station of origin to London fare zones 1-6.

Off-Peak Day Travelcards

On weekdays, except public holidays, Off-Peak Day Travelcards can be used on any train that is scheduled to arrive in London Liverpool Street after 10:00. A few easements apply from branch lines to permit use of slightly earlier services – please enquire locally.

There is no return restriction on Off-Peak Day Travelcards except to stations north of Ipswich inclusive, where to ensure comfort on our Intercity services, travel is not permitted on weekday trains departing Liverpool Street between 16:31 and 18:34. During school holiday periods, including half-terms, these evening restrictions are lifted.

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcards can be used on any weekday train that is scheduled to arrive in London Liverpool Street after 12:00. They cannot be used to return on weekday trains departing Liverpool Street between 15:59 and 19:01. These restrictions also apply at Tottenham Hale and Stratford. Restrictions do not apply at weekends or on public holidays.

Boundary fares (if you are travelling beyond your Travelcard’s area)

If you already have a Travelcard (One Day or Season) or a 60+ Oyster Card or Freedom Pass, then when you book a ticket to a station outside your Travelcard’s area, you only need to pay the excess to or from the boundary station.

At the ticket office, these tickets are issued to or from the zonal boundary, which will show as, for example “Boundary Zone 6” on the ticket.

From self-service ticket machines, you can select a “Boundary Zone” origin or destination and the correct excess fare will be shown.

The exceptions are journeys to or from stations north of Ipswich, where Boundary Zone fares are not available, but fares from boundary stations are – see below.

On the GA website or app, Boundary Zone tickets are not available, but you can easily buy the same ticket by using a boundary station instead. Simply enter the boundary station that corresponds to the outermost zone on your Travelcard as your origin station instead of London, if you are travellling away from London, If you are travelling towards London, enter the boundary station as your destination.
The train does not need to stop at the boundary station for the combination of tickets to be valid.

Greater Anglia Boundary stations

Zone Great Eastern line towards Chelmsford and Southend West Anglia line towards Harlow, Bishop’s Stortford and Cambridge
2 Stratford Hackney Downs
3 Manor Park Northumberland Park
4 Goodmayes Meridian Water
5 Chadwell Heath Brimsdown
6* Harold Wood Enfield Lock

*Also includes ‘60+’ Oyster Card and Freedom Pass, after 09:30 on weekdays and any time at weekends and on public holidays.

To use a ticket to or from a Boundary Zone or boundary station when your journey starts or ends at London Liverpool Street, your Travelcard will need to include Zone 1.

For any further information on travelling to London, visit National Rail.

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