Network Railcard

Buy this railcard to save 1/3 off group travel in London and South East of England

What is a Network Railcard?

A railcard is a membership you pay for to get access to discounted train tickets. It’s a great investment because if you use your discount a few times, you can easily make your money back in savings.

A Network Railcard is for people who travel in the London and South East of England. With it, you can save 1/3 off travel and share the discount with up to 3 other adults and 4 kids aged 5-15 travelling with you. Kids get 60% off.

How much does it cost?

It costs £30 for a one year membership.

Is this right for me?

This railcard can only be used for journeys that start and end inside the Network railcard area.

If you travel outside of this zone, this probably isn't right for you - check out our other railcards.

What train tickets can I get discount on?

You can get discounts for journeys fully inside the Network railcard area for travel after 10:00 on weekdays and any time on weekends and bank holidays.

Each adult fare must be a minimum of £13 for the discount to work on weekdays, except bank holidays, and £1 minimum for kids aged 5-15 at all times. Kids under 5 travel for free on our trains.

Day trips

Enjoy 1/3 off Standard Anytime and Off-Peak tickets.

Frequent trips

This can’t be used with season tickets.

How to use your Network Railcard


When you book UK train tickets on our website or app, choose the Network Railcard option and we’ll tell you if it applies a discount to your journey.

Plus, you’ll save more on top as we don’t charge booking fees.


You’ll need to have your railcard with you to show to staff. If you don’t have it, you may be charged a fine.

How to buy a Network Railcard?

Buy 1 year £30

Read full terms and conditions.