Less Busy Trains

Choose less busy trains to and from London

You can use this page to help decide which train to catch if you want to avoid the busiest services. It is not a live feed but provides a useful guide to predict the busier trains during the peak hours*. Typically, services outside of these times should have space for social distancing.

  • Services that arrive at London Liverpool Street between 07:00 and 10:00; or depart between 16:00 and 19:00

Green indicates there should be space available for social distancing. Fewer than 50% of seats are likely to be occupied

Amber indicates that social distancing is unlikely to be possible on this train. Fewer than 90% of seats are likely to be occupied

Red indicates that social distancing will not be possible on this train. All seats are likely to be occupied and some standing should be expected

Purple indicates that the service is expected to be extremely busy with standing throughout the train

Where ared or purple symbol appears, please consider traveling at a different time. You can find flexible train ticket options on our flexible train ticket options page.

Before travelling with us, please also familiarise yourself on ways to help safeguard your own health and others when using our services by viewing our safer travel pledge.

The Government expects and recommends people to wear face coverings on busy trains and stations, unless you’re exempt. We’re asking you to follow this advice so we can all keep each other safe. A large number of our customers are continuing to wear face coverings – and thank you to everyone who does.

*All information is based upon analysis of travel patterns from the beginning of September and will be updated on a regular basis.

You can travel with confidence on our trains - and increasing numbers of people are doing just that. But please be aware that it may not always be possible to socially distance on our busiest (amber, red and purple) services. But there are many other measures we're taking to keep you safe, even on busy trains.