Less Busy Trains

Choose less busy trains to and from London

You can use this page to help decide which train to catch if you want to avoid the busiest services. The analysis is based on data to/from London during peak times, from the previous week of Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July. It is not a live feed but provides a useful guide to predict the busier trains.

Peak times in the morning are earlier than pre Covid levels, with the busiest times being between 0630 and 0730 for trains arriving into London. Evening peak remains unchanged with busiest evening peak being between 1630 and 1830. But all trains are much less busy than normal.

Green indicates there is plenty of space available for social distancing. Fewer than 35% of seats are likely to be occupied.

Amber indicates that there should be space available for social distancing, but it may be more difficult to find. Between 35% and 50% of seats are likely to be occupied.

Red indicates that there is almost no space available for social distancing. Between 50% and 60% of seats are likely to be occupied.

Purple indicates that social distancing is unlikely to be possible anywhere on the train. Over 60% of seats are likely to be occupied.

Where an amber, red and purple symbol appears, please consider traveling at a different time. You can find flexible train ticket options on our flexible train ticket options page.

Before travelling with us, please also familiarise yourself on ways to help safeguard your own health and others when using our services by viewing our safer travel pledge. Please remember that it is mandatory to wear a face covering whilst at our stations and on our trains, unless you’re exempt.

*All information is based upon analysis of travel patterns from Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July for the 'morning' services into Liverpool Street. The information shown for 'evening' trains leaving Liverpool Street is for Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July. We aim to update this once a week.

These calculations use the train’s reduced capacity allowing for social distancing, rather than its actual capacity, and we have set a trigger to inform passengers which trains are less busy, or if the reduced capacity is near to being reached.

Passengers are counted getting on or off at, e.g, Tottenham Hale & Liverpool Street, or Stratford & Liverpool Street and this is converted into a percentage to show you which trains are less busy, allowing greater social distancing.

You can travel with confidence on our trains - and increasing numbers of people are doing just that. But please be aware that it may not always be possible to socially distance on our busiest (red and purple) services. But there are many other measures we're taking to keep you safe, even on busy trains.